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49 da ZdB


Stretching across multiple rooms and a large balcony/rooftop in the heart of Bairro Alto, 49 da ZdB offers cheap cocktails and an artsy scene. The bar is located above Zé dos Bois Gallery, which regularly plays host to experimental music shows, and is filled with a hip young crowd that leans toward students.

Located up a set of stairs next to the gallery, the bar occupies one of four rooms that are perfect for intimate conversation in dark spaces. The large balcony is the busiest area in the entire place, and is filled with smokers having conversations over drinks in metal cups.

All the drinks come in metal cups, which cost two Euro for rental purposes – you’ll get the money back when your return the vessel. There aren’t any inventive cocktails on the menu, rather this is a place where reasonably priced drinks are served to encourage conversation. Porto Tonics, Portugal’s answer to the Aperol Spritz, or a G&T are your best options if you’re looking for something mixed. There are also a number of wines and beers available for purchase.

49 da ZdB often plays host to live music and DJs, and the place turns into a huge dance party late in the night. It’s a place where people let their hair down and the young crowd like to keep things going until the early morning.

49 da ZdB is all about conversation and self-expression. Bairro Alto remains one of Lisbon’s hippest neighborhoods, and this bar provides a location for artists and scholarly types to enjoy each other’s company before letting it all out on the dance floor. If you’re looking to chat about the latest music, what’s happening in Portugal’s current art landscape, or the finer points of Fernando Pessoa, 49 da ZdB is your ideal spot.

Find It Here:
R. da Barroca 59
1200-049 Lisboa, Portugal

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