NewsAbsinthia Releases Verte Absinthe

Absinthia Releases Verte Absinthe


Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits has released Absinthia Verte, the follow-up to its inaugural and Gold Medal-winning Absinthia Blanche. The new offering from the woman-owned artisan spirits company is made from a vintage Swiss recipe.

Bottled at 55% ABV, Absinthia Verte is twice distilled in California in a copper pot from biodynamic grapes and fresh herbs.

“As an unregulated category, there are a lot of ‘crapsinthes’ on the market that use artificial ingredients and dyes to achieve the end product. Absinthia absinthes are carefully crafted according to a vintage Swiss recipe using all-natural ingredients and no sugar,” said J. Absinthia Vermut, founder and creator of Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits. “We start with a neutral spirit made from biodynamic grapes from California, and distilled that with organic herbs – fresh wormwood (artemesia absinthium), star anise, fennel seed, and coriander seed – from an organic farm in Oregon. The result is an aromatic, brilliantly clear and modern take on absinthe, launched in 2018 as Absinthia Blanche.”

To create the peridot green of the Verte, Absinthia distills the Blanche with organic artemisia pontica, anise hyssop, and lemon balm. The Verte has a natural sweetness and earthier flavor than the Blanche. It is recommended to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with a splash of cold water, or in a cocktail.

“I started with the release of the Blanche because out of the still, it was delicious,” said Vermut. “Also, we knew if we released a blanche and a verte at the same time, most absinthe drinkers would gravitate to the better known verte. The blanche is so delicious that we wanted to make sure our customers tried it first – and they did.”

Absinthia Blanche has received several awards, including a Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018. Both the Verte and Blanche are priced at $44.99 per 375ml bottle and can be purchased via the brand’s official website.

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