NewsElizabeth Banks Wonders “What Wine Has To Do With The Metaverse?” As She Introduces Archer Roose Bubbly Rosé

Elizabeth Banks Wonders “What Wine Has To Do With The Metaverse?” As She Introduces Archer Roose Bubbly Rosé


What is the metaverse and what does it have to do with wine and spirits? That was the question on the mind of Elizabeth Banks as she introduced Archer Roose Bubbly Rosé.

“You’re seeing every brand race to have a presence on the metaverse,” says Banks, “But a lot of consumers don’t really understand what that means. As a brand, there’s an opportunity to connect and laugh with consumers and say, ‘don’t worry, you’re not alone.'”

Archer Roose Bubbly Rosé

“We love technology and innovation,” says Marian Leitner, CEO of Archer Roose. “But as a wine brand, what we love is bringing people together here in the real world, telling stories, eating great food and drinking delicious wine. So, having some fun with the metaverse was easy for us.”

Archer Roose has poked fun at marketing conventions in the past, introducing their partnership with Chief Creative Officer Elizabeth Banks with a video called “Uninvited Guest.” In it, Elizabeth Banks simply showed up at the CEO’s house and wouldn’t leave, forcibly making herself the brand spokesperson.

For those wondering about the wine, the Archer Roose Bubbly Rosé comes from Veneto, Italy. It is made from a blend of Glera (90%) and Pinot Noir (10%) grapes. The pressed Glera juice, made by gently pressing the grapes, is immediately separated from the skins, clarified and fermented at a temperature of 63ºF using select yeast varieties. The Pinot Noir wine-making process involves several hours of skin contact, macerating the liquid to extract the primary aromas and color. The must is then pressed, racked, and fermented. The blending of the two wines helps produce the base cuvée. A second fermentation process is then started in a closed pressure tank to form the bubbles, after which the wine undergoes stabilization and microfiltration before packaging.

Coming in at 11% ABV, 12 cans of the bubbly wine are priced at $64. To purchase, head over to the brand’s official website.

Back in August, Constellation Brands acquired a minority stake in wine brand Archer Roose.

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