NewsArtesian Shares Post-Lockdown Cocktail Menu

Artesian Shares Post-Lockdown Cocktail Menu


Inspired by the shared experiences that brought people together in 2020, London bar Artesian has named its new cocktail menu ‘Connections’.

The menu’s first section takes the theme of ‘Wellness & Mindfulness’ and shares drinks which are completely alcohol free, or with a lower-ABV. A number of these drinks also feature CBD and kombucha, which they promise are just as delicious as the alcohol-based drinks.

Included as a nod to the 2020 lockdown baking craze, Artesian has included a signature Banana Bread 1933 cocktail. To capture the taste, the team combined rye whiskey, oloroso Sherry, banana Monin, ground spice, cocoa butter, burnt toast and vanilla.

The second section of the menu is built on the theme of ‘Celebration’, offering customers the taste of Champagne and indulgence with a collection of luxurious  drinks.

The third section, ‘Community’, includes drinks that support the local community around The Langham. 

The Layer Cake cocktail includes dark rum and stout syrup both from Kernel Brewery – a tribute to the hotel’s own British tavern, The Wigmore.

‘Sustainability’ is the name of the fourth section. This offers an environmentally friendly approach to the sourcing of ingredients. The team has used produce from within the wider hotel food-and-drink operation which would have otherwise gone to waste, with a goal of up-cycling the unwanted produce into cocktail ingredients.

A highlight of the menu is called “Around the Kitchen”, including gin, banana peel-infused cachaça and avocado pit orgeat. The drink up-cycles the kitchen waste from the hotel’s breakfast service, including spent coffee grains and pineapple peel.

Finally, ‘Happiness’ is a collection of cocktails designed to take guests to the exotic destinations and festivals that were impossible to visit throughout 2020. The bar aimed for an emphasis on fun with this final section, tropical cocktail The Butterfly, made with Michter’s Bourbon, lemon juice, mango, peach and butterfly tea.

For more information or to make reservations, head over to Artesian’s official website.

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