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Aux Deux Amis straddles the border of Le Marais and Folie-Méricourt. Located on bustling Oberkampf, the boisterous bar specializes in natural wine and cold charcuterie. Glasses and plates are served deep into the night and young Parisians pack the joint, buzzing around and making excellent spectacles of themselves.

aux deux amis natural wine

Aux Deux Amis was once a simple neighborhood dive, before it was turned into a can’t miss stop in one of Paris’s most fashionable areas. Tiled walls and floors are doused with 1970s neon lighting, while wood stools line the marble and metal bar. Red booths line the back walls, while an array of wicker, wood, and middle chairs surround small circular tables. Large parties tend to spill into the sidewalk patio, which is an excellent space to spend a warm evening.

You come to Aux Deux Amis for its lively spirit and the wine, which is all 100 percent natural and served by David Vincent-Loyola, formerly of famed Chateaubriand. Beer is also available, as well as hard alcohol, but don’t come here looking for cocktails. This place is about its impressively selected wine offerings.

These days, the bar is only open at night and keeps its food selection simple, offering a variety of cold tapas. Choose from a variety of charcuterie options or one of the delicious small plates to go along with a bottle of wine.

Don’t come to Aux Deux Amis deep into the night expecting a table. This place is almost always packed, so be prepared to belly up to the bar between a few other patrons. If you’re lucky, you may snag a booth deep in the back, which is the place to be if you want to stay out of the action. If you’re looking for natural wine and a young, buzzing atmosphere, Aux Deux Amis is the place to go.

aux deux amis bar

Find It Here:
45 Rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris, France

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