NewsBabe Wine Is Giving You The Chance To Win A Portable Bathtub

Babe Wine Is Giving You The Chance To Win A Portable Bathtub


Babe wine has launched a new sweepstakes, where five lucky winners will receive a bathtime upgrade with a portable bathtub. The winner will also receive other self-care essentials like Rosen Skincare’s Rose Water Face Dew, two luxurious bath towels, bubble bath soap and 100 dollars worth of Babe 100.

To kick off the campaign, Babe co-founder Josh “The Fat Jewish” Ostrovsky brought the portable bathtub to some iconic tri-state area spots to get some fresh air and relax, including Times Square, the Jersey Shore, and a grocery store parking lot.

“We know everyone was locked inside for an actual entire year with raging anxiety because the world is a trash fire, so we’re here to level up people’s self-care game,” said Ostrovsky. “The portable tub sweepstakes is the ultimate me time, and nothing says ‘me time’ quite like bubble baths or enjoying a can of BABE 100 anywhere you want.”

To enter, all you have to do is comment on @drinkbabe’s Instagram post featuring The Fat Jewish the portable tub, and tell the brand where you’d want to set up your portable tub with the hashtag #sweepstakes. The contest opens today and winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 13th. For more information, head over to the sweepstakes’ page.

Earlier this year, Babe introduced Babe 100, a brand new product that’s only 100 calories. There’s also 0g of sugar and comes in Babe 100’s new lavender can. The new offering is designed to be light and refreshing like a hard seltzer, but is actually Wine. The hard seltzers were first soft-launched in San Diego last year, but are now available nationally.

Babe 100 joined the rest of Babe’s canned wine line up of Rosé, Red, and Grigio canned wines. Babe 100, available in Rosé, is available online via the official website or can be purchased in-stores nationwide. 

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