BarsBar at the Firehouse Hotel

Bar at the Firehouse Hotel


Located deep within Los Angeles’s Arts District, the recently opened Firehouse Hotel features a coffee bar, restaurant, and bar bar all packed into a charming setting. The grey marble bar top sits under an intriguing pvc pipe-inspired light fixture, and serves up eclectic plays on usual cocktail offerings. Light comes bounding in through large windows and open doors that lead their way to patio seating.

Spinach artichoke dip, burgers, fries, and deviled eggs with crispy prosciutto fill the happy hour menu, letting you know that they’re here for the taste not the pretense — despite the hip setting. 

The Seagrave Sour derives itself from the New York Sour family, red wine float et al, but a charred lemon provides a bright California burst – it’s also a stunning visual aid. The egg white makes for soft, creamy sips and the drink has a certain Lakers appeal to it as it blends from purple to gold. 

Elsewhere, The Wildland possess timeless heat and a dash of sass. The mellow burn of jalapenos leads along with an even-keeled reposado, all perked up with fresh mint and a splash of Chartreuse.

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