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Bar Franca sits just steps from the Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles’s Historic Care. Its facade blends seamlessly with the dirtied concrete exteriors that surround it. However, once inside visitors are transported to a European bar. Light bleeds through large entrance windows and slowly turns into a soft red, gold hue while moving towards the back.

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It’s an intimate space that feels like somewhere you accidentally stumbled into after making a wrong turn down an alley. It has that kind of romance. Art deco bowls are filled with round fruit, Edison bulbs hover overhead, and candles line the bar-top. There are a slew of spirits on offer, and we suggest asking for the book. For those looking for something stirred or shaken, a thoughtfully created cocktail menu provides both new and classic options.

Bar Franca’s happy hour is particularly well-suited to those looking to sip something concocted on the other side of the bar. Cocktails are $8 and include delights such as the Pegu Club. Made with London Dry Gin, Curacao, lime, and bitters, this mix of Carribean and European flavors is delightful as it is engaging. For those desiring something more traditional, turn to the Bobby Burns. The mix of Scotch, Sweet Vermouth, and Benedictine is perfect for a cool evening and may stir up the inner poet, or cigar salesman.  According to A.S. Crockett’s “The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book”, the cocktail may actually have been named after a cigar salesman who was a regular at the bar, rather than the the famed Scottish poet, but no one is really sure.

While there aren’t any full meals on offer, the bar does provide a variety of easy bites that pair perfectly with their beverages. For $4 imbibers can choose mixed nuts, olives, or pickled vegetables. 

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