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Located on Barcelona’s bar-packed Passeig del Born – across the street from its sister drinkery Creps al Born – Bar Sauvage is a place to let your hair down while sipping fruit-forward cocktails. From 10 pm onward, the two-floor space is crammed with the young and the beautiful. There is a downstairs dancefloor, as well as tacos and ceviche, making Bar Sauvage a place you can spend the whole night partying away.

The energy is electric. The space dark. A melange of random adornments like tribal masks and oddly shaped mirrors cover the walls. Neon flows from the front signage through the entirety of the bar and seems to be one of the elements that propels Bar Sauvage.

bar sauvage cocktail

The other is quality cocktails. Drinks are fruit-forward and exotic with fun, sexy names. The Sip and Strip is a frozen and spicy mix of citrus and pepper (pineapple, green pepper, Peach Sagatiba Cachaça, manzanilla, lemon). The Roxanne (Wild Turkey Bourbon & Rye, Laphroaig Salted Chocolate, Angostura Bitters) is rich and intense with a touch of smoke and chocolate, and comes with the note, “served cold, like your ex’s heart.” When it comes to presentation, Bar Sauvage goes the extra mile to make everything look good and an extra flair of fun. 

Tacos and ceviche provide light, crisp bites that give visitors the extra calories (and stomach lining) necessary to party late into the night. And energy is certainly needed once you head downstairs where sweaty 20-somethings pack the dancefloor, swaying to the beats of a DJ.

Good drinks and a party-forward vibe rarely go together. At this El Born bar, however, the infectious energy translates from the dancefloor to the drinks. Young, wild, and carefree, Bar Sauvage offers an energetic space and beautiful crowd alongside some of the neighborhood’s finest cocktails.

bar sauvage interior

Find It Here:
Passeig del Born, 13
08003 Barcelona, Spain

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