NewsBenriach Unveils Cask Edition Bottling Collection

Benriach Unveils Cask Edition Bottling Collection


For the first time ever, Benriach is bringing its Cask Edition Collection to the United States. These are the the first single cask single malt Scotch whisky bottlings the Speyside distillery has ever made available on this side of the pond. Continuing its creative legacy, each of the three expressions exclusive to the US have been drawn from individual casks selected by Master Blender Rachel Barrie to offer a rare and unique insight into the versatility of Benriach’s eclectic cask styles. 

Limited to a few hundred bottles per cask, each whisky is bottled at cask strength, providing an unadulterated glimpse into the spirit of the Benriach Distillery. Age statements range from 12 to 27 years old. 

“Our ‘sleeping beauties’, as we often call these casks, continue to be sourced from all over the world, enabling us to creatively explore the full flavor possibilities of Speyside Single Malt,” said Barrie. “Each cask will tell its own story of a journey of flavor where the spirit is married with oak, over years and through the seasons, to really create a unique moment in time never to be repeated again.

“From the Marsala Wine Hogshead cask bringing out clementine, apricot, nectarine and cherry blossom flavors, to the Pedro Ximénez Puncheon with intense notes of heather honey, butterscotch and sultana, each cask allows us to explore a different aspect of Benriach’s fruit-laden character.”

For the first time ever, each of the three expressions have been released to select markets across the country. Depending on the expression, the ABV ranges from 55.4% to 58.2%, with prices ranging from $100 to $380. Each bottle draws its natural color from the cask in which it rests.

Cask Details:

2009 (12 Year) – Cask #3812: Pedro Ximénez Puncheon (58.2% ABV, $100)

Tasting Notes:

  • Color: Antique gold
  • Nose:   Toasted raisin brioche, with layers of butter, sultana and orange marmalade
  • Palate: Heather honey, butterscotch and lemon curd on sultana and hazelnut bread
  • Total number of bottles: 642
  • Available markets: CA, KY, OR, WA, GA, MA, NY

1998 (23 Year) – Cask #10297: Marsala (55.4% ABV, $330)

Tasting Notes:

  • Color: Polished brass
  • Nose:   Clementine, apricot, nectarine and cherry blossom, with maple and vanilla syrup
  • Palate: Orange and honey glazed chocolate cake with apricot and redcurrant jelly
  • Total number of bottles: 264
  • Available markets: AZ, CO, IL, DE, DC, FL, MD, MN, NV, PA, SC, WI

1997 (24 Year) – Cask #15058: Oloroso Puncheon (55.4% ABV, $380)

Tasting Notes:

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Nose:   Crème brûlée with hazelnut and toasted vanilla on a base of cedarwood, spiced apple and mocha
  • Palate: Chocolate orange and hazelnut cake with raisins, dried apple, apricot and sultana
  • Total number of bottles: 641
  • Available markets: GA, MA, NY and additional major metro markets 

Back in August, Benriach unveiled a new whisky made entirely from barley malted at its floor maltings, known as Malting Season

Benriach Cask Edition 2022

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