BottlesBlue Run Spirits Unveils Reflection II Bourbon

Blue Run Spirits Unveils Reflection II Bourbon


Blue Run Spirits has unveiled Reflection II Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the follow up to last year’s Reflection I. When launched in May 2022, the first edition quickly became a favorite amongst whiskey fans. With Reflection II, Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon is looking to continue that tradition while emphasizing a different layer of flavor notes than its predecessor. While Reflection I focused on the darker base notes like oak and caramel, Reflection II zeroes in on the brighter middle notes, including florals and sweetness.

Blue Run Reflection II
Blue Run Reflection II

“The Reflection Bourbon series is an intriguing blending project because we have an established baseline of approachability that will carry through to every release, but we will explore the different layers that make whiskey such an interesting spirit,” said Gammon. “For continuity, we included some Reflection I as the base, and then started painting with an entirely different brush. Reflection II will be as familiar as it is new to anyone who enjoyed the first product.”

For Blue Run Reflection II, the mash bill features less rye than the original, but the proof is increased from 95 to 100. It also features older whiskey stocks than its predecessor, with Gammon seeking out barrels that exhibited elevated mid-note flavors from the brand’s more than 5,000-barrel inventory.

On the nose, a bright bouquet of warm spices and rich cocoa dominates, serving as a precursor to the palate. The first sip reveals orange peel that harmonizes with farm fresh honey followed by fresh toasted oak and salted caramel blondies. The finish reveals spicy citrus oils that evolve into barrel spice and churros sprinkled with powdered sugar and a dash of cayenne. 

Blue Run Reflection II is meant to encourage reflection on the vast possibilities that exist around every corner – a direct reference to when Gammon joined Blue Run as the company’s first Whiskey Director as she was also experiencing the joy and excitement of motherhood for the first time. For this release, the brand’s signature butterfly medallion on the bottle has the same highly reflective sterling silver coating as on Reflection I.

The bourbon is priced at $99.99 per 750ml bottle. It is now available at retailers nationwide and at the brand’s official website.

In May, Blue Run Spirits unveiled its first Single Barrel Rye Whiskey, Blue Run Kentucky Straight Emerald Single Barrel Rye Whiskey.

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