BottlesBlue Run Celebrates Christmas With 12 Days Of Bourbon

Blue Run Celebrates Christmas With 12 Days Of Bourbon


Christmas is a time of giving and Blue Run Spirits took that to heart with their finally release of 2022, an assemblage of 12 bourbon whiskeys dubbed the Winter Solstice Collection. The second-annual Blue Run “12 Days of Bourbon” features a dozen single barrel, barrel proof high rye bourbons. Beginning Thursday, December 1 at 3:00 p.m. ET, each day the brand will release one bottling, which will be exclusively available via their online shop.

Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection 12 Days Of Bourbon - North Star

Each high rye bourbon barrel featured in the Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection comes from the batch that was contract distilled by Blue Run Liquid Advisor Jim Rutledge at Castle & Key. Aged in the darkest recesses of the northmost rick houses, they were then hand selected by Blue Run Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon with a focus on unique flavor profile, depth and the complexity of warm, sweet flavors that pair well with the winter season. Looking to maintain as much of that rich flavor possible, each bottling comes offered at full barrel proof (from 117.2 to 129 proof).

“In sampling and indexing hundreds of barrels for various Blue Run projects, there were twelve barrels I encountered that absolutely stood out,” said Gammon. “Each wonderfully different from the next, these barrels are the true cream of the crop from this batch. These dozen barrels became the twelve expressions of Winter Solstice.”

Colorful versions of Blue Run’s signature butterfly medallion, designed by Devon McKinney, adorn the bottles and are meant to evoke the northern lights. This display of nature’s artistry is subtly echoed on the side of the velvet-lined midnight black gift box that comes with every purchase.

The bourbons in the Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection include [tasting notes via the brand]:

Dec. 1Meteor

Proof: 122      

On the nose, Meteor opens with warm brown sugar and toasted sourdough. Then, like a streak of light blazing through the atmosphere of the palate, juicy apples burst into a cornucopia of stone fruit with a lingering pear finish.

Dec. 2Light Year

Proof: 123.9

Apples and honey on the nose presage a sweet New Year. Luminous and full, the palate goes the distance with a hint of snow-covered pine trees meeting spicy pepper, leather and elemental wood spice. Herbal tea and rye notes conclude the voyage.

Dec. 3 Lunar

Proof 117.2

Lunar juxtaposes darkness and light. Robust dark notes of black cherry, salted caramel and campfire on the nose are illuminated by beams of sun-ripened summer fruits, Italian Barolo and light oak on the palate. The finish eases you into a moonlit field teeming with wildflowers.

Dec. 4Solar

Proof: 119.1

Bright rays of pear, cherry, tropical fruit and sherry shine brightly on the nose evolving into oven-baked sugary pastry and toasted wood. Over time, the brightness fades into darker notes and French oak.

Dec. 5Infinity

Proof: 118.7

Boundless lemon zest pairs with roses while the timeless scent of sawdust introduces the palate of honeydew, peanut brittle, warm spice and toffee. The finish is a lasting loop of cloves and rye spice.

Dec. 6 Interstellar

Proof: 118.6

Pecans sandwiched by melting caramel and rich vanilla captivate the senses and set the scene for a quixotic romance between spicy cinnamon and ripened kiwi, culminating in a long finish of drizzled honey.

Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection 12 Days Of Bourbon - INTERSTELLAR

Dec. 7 Supernova

Proof: 129

Supernova shines bright with cola, port wine and blackberries on the nose exploding into light brown sugar and red hots, resulting in a tingling and enduring black pepper finish.

Dec. 8North Star

Proof: 118.7

A floral nose accompanied by lime zest, butterscotch and leather makes the direction of this pour exceedingly clear. The palate gleams with nougat, light cayenne and white pepper enveloped in hints of island daiquiri. The finish is pleasantly spicy.

Dec. 9Gravity

Proof: 118.9

Plums, gingerbread and barrel char dominate the nose, accelerating into coconut-pecan frosted German chocolate cake. Feel the force of spicy cocoa on the finish.

Dec. 10Constellation

Proof: 12

Honey, sour apple, maple syrup and tobacco join forces to create a mesmerizing nose, allowing the palate to identify clusters of peach and sweet corn gently graduating into butterscotch, light cinnamon and clove.

Dec. 11Black Hole

Proof: 124.2

Apricot, caramel and molasses on the nose send you into a different universe packed with molasses and tobacco. The finish allows you to see both the past and the future, reminding you of the vastness of this pour.

Dec. 12 Cosmic

Proof: 122.9

Light citrus, toffee, butter and wood char unite to create a universal entry point to a palate dominated by cinnamon raisin bread. Delight in the balanced finish highlighted by nutmeg.

Each bottling in the Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection is $179.99. The complete collection is also available for $2,999.99.

In October, Blue Run Spirits released six whiskeys as part of its Flight Series.

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