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Boatyard Double Gin


Created by company founder Joe McGirr, Boatyard Double Gin was the first product released by The Boatyard Distillery. The distillery itself is located inside a boatyard on a marina that is situated on the picturesque banks of the Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Ireland, just a short drive from Enniskillen or a short journey across the lough via local water taxis services. 

Boatyard Double Gin is a smooth, Juniper-led dry Gin with notes of citrus and floral sweetness. The goal was to create a product with the essence of Fermanagh, with earthy tones from their family farm foraged botanical, Sweet Gale. The result is a Gin that speaks fondly of the distillery’s surrounding terroir.

The Gin is made using an organically produced wheat spirit that is macerated for 18 hours with 8 different botanicals, including the previously mentioned Sweet. They also use lemon peel which is taken from unwaxed lemons on the day that they are to be used for ultimate freshness.

As the spirit runs off the still, they introduce a juniper filtration process that Dutch gin spirit distillers call ‘dubbel gebeide genever’. This double contact method results in a pronounced juniper flavour. The collected spirit has pure water added to it before resting for a minimum of two weeks before bottling.

It’s all pine and notes of sweetness as juniper leads the way on the nose of Boatyard Double Gin. There are also aromas of citrus with splashes of lemon giving it a unique freshness. On the palate, the Gin is round and bold with juniper mixing with coriander and a few soft floral notes from the sweet gale as well citrus and angelica. The finish is classically dry with touches of vanilla and a few floral splashes.

Boatyard Distillery also makes an Old Tom Gin and a Vodka.


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