NewsBota Box Is Giving Away A Six-Foot-Tall Box Of Wine

Bota Box Is Giving Away A Six-Foot-Tall Box Of Wine


Bota Box has announced a new sweepstakes, where it will be giving away a six-foot-tall box of wine. Known as Bota Box XXL, the vino filled carton will pour both red and white wine, one from each side. The lucky winner will get to choose which varietals flow from its coffers.

“After more than a year of social isolation, in which wine lovers kept six feet away from their neighbors and friends, Bota Box wants to celebrate gathering with old friends and making new ones around the six-foot-tall Bota XXL,” says Nicole Ordonze, marketing director. “To toast this momentous moment and offer a suitably epic centerpiece to postpandemic socializing, the Bota Box XXL features dispensers for both red and white Bota varietals, poured from different sides of the box.”

While a six-foot-tall box of wine certainly sounds intriguing, you might wonder what’s going to happen when you need to store it? Bota Box has figured all of that out for you as it looks to make you the talk of the neighborhood by including a $10,000 block party. A party planner will take care of planning the party, setting up the box and sourcing everything for the event; all the winner needs to do is pick a place, bring their friends and show up.

“We want the Bota Box XXL to inspire neighbors and friends to connect and celebrate together,” says Ordonez. “Bota Box’s delicious, shatterproof wines go wherever the fun is, and, with so many long-postponed gatherings and celebrations taking place, we want to help America throw the ultimate Bota Box block party.”

Speaking on how much wine is actually inside the giant box, she explains, “It’s safe to say that it will be able to hold an epic amount of wine, and there is a cash portion of the prize that the winner can choose to use to purchase wine to re-stock the XXL all year long, if they choose.”

To enter, consumers 21 years of age or older should visit the sweepstakes official website, and enter once each day for the chance to win. The contest begins August 3 and runs through September 14. 

Consumers can also earn additional entries by sharing the sweepstakes to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #BotaXXLSweepstakes. Winners will be announced by September 21, 2021.

Bota is owned by Delicato Family Wines, which purchased Francis Ford Coppola Winery in June.

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