NewsBrisbane Distillery opens Double-Decker Gin Bus Route

Brisbane Distillery opens Double-Decker Gin Bus Route


It seems like you wait for an age and then suddenly a gin bus appears. Well, in Brisbane, Australia this is now true. 

Offering passengers a trip through fantastic scenery and a variety of delicious gin-based cocktails, and named ‘The True Spirit of Queensland’ the big blue bus is owned and operated by The Brisbane Distillery and is a part of their Gin School. 

Stocked with a bar and tasting room, a rooftop seating area and leather booths, the vintage double-decker bus is like a dream come true for many tipplers.  

Their upstairs booths can be booked for half an hour to enjoy a cocktail flight and experience three handcrafted creative cocktails for the price of $24.99!

Downstairs we will be offering free tastings with their award-winning Game of Eucalyptus Gin, Queensland Dry Gin as well as their Brown Snake Rhum.

Naturally, the  bus is available to be booked for weddings, promotions, birthdays, or it can simply travel to your desired location. 

Presently, the bus is only available to be reserved on Sundays. For more information, head on down-under to the Brisbane Distillery ‘True Spirit Bus’ website for all the details.

In other Brisbane news, If you’re wanting to mix up your cocktail palette but are tired of trying new things with Gin, there’s good news. Brisbane has released a new Vodka, the product of lockdown and a little stroke of genius – one of the creative positives of a global pandemic. Made from locally sourced ingredients, this is a rye vodka and it’s called ‘Idle Hour’.

Another great option for Brisbane drink lovers, whether you prefer your gin with extra notes of pine and juniper so it tastes like a forest floor, are more of a fruity and floral person who wants their Gin-based beverage to remind them of tropical beaches, or are simply still on the lookout for the perfect one to fit your palette, then Brisbane Distillery may have the answer for you. The capital of Queensland’s newest distillery and gin school is now offering a master distillers experience, which allows you to create your very own gin. The ‘experience’ includes a gin tasting session, which should help you pick your favorite flavors to add to your own brand of Gin that’ll feature your very own personalized label.

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