BottlesBruichladdich Black Art 10 Is A 29-Year-Old Scotch Shrouded In Delicious Mystery

Bruichladdich Black Art 10 Is A 29-Year-Old Scotch Shrouded In Delicious Mystery


The Bruichladdich Black Art series always delivers a shade of mystery from a brand committed to transparency. The 10th annual release continues this tradition as only head distiller Adam Hannett knows the recipe, but we do have the sneaking suspicion that the Bruichladdich Black Art 10 is a particularly delicious dram.

A 1993 vintage release that was created using pre-renaissance casks from the distillery, the 29-year-old unpeated single malt matured exclusively on Islay for almost three decades. On the nose, the whisky offers bright and fruity notes that develop into praline, cedar, and leather. The palate finds orange barley sugars, ginger nut biscuits, and lemon meringue pie with toasted oak bringing smooth chocolate and vanilla. The finish is smooth and velvety with notes of fudge arriving alongside subtle tobacco and a hint of ginger.

“As a whisky brand committed to giving our customers as much information as we possibly can, our Black Art series is a real leap of faith,” said Hannett. “The creative freedom I have when creating this single malt is a privilege. It allows me to take risks and explore the realms of possibility. Whisky making relies on the harmonious marriage between cask and spirit, and Black Art 10 is a celebration of the extraordinary things that can happen when we abandon the detail and simply appreciate and enjoy the flavour.”

Bottled at 45.1% ABV, Bruichladdich Black Art 10 is priced at £395 ($443 USD) and available at selected specialist whisky retailers as well as the brand’s official website.

In May, Bruichladdich released its 2011 Micro Provenance Cask No 0315.

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