Unlike The Infatuation, we won’t waste your time describing the toilets here (We also won’t tell you to take advantage of your rich aunt or abuse your company card… good luck recouping that investment JPMorgan Chase & Co). Most people coming to a nice restaurant down a wide, brightly lit alley in DTLA’s Arts District probably did a touch of due diligence, so they’ll know to expect the kind of prices and lavish decor that they’ll find at Camphor (that’s also why we provided photos). What they might be unaware of is the strength of the cocktail menu.


What’s the crowd like?
Foodie-centric and not afraid to spend. Most of the people here aren’t your usual Arts District denizens, though the neighborhood has gotten less affordable and less artsy over the last few years. Expect diners who spend their time trying LA’s hottest new restaurants.

What am I drinking?
The drinks are named after French neighborhoods and streets, which is cute, but if you’re familiar with the City of Light, don’t expect them to necessarily match your brand of synesthesia. Still, Le Marais and Opera are two of our favorite neighborhoods and two of our favorite drinks on the menu. The Provence is their Martini and it’s a good one.

Is there anything to eat?
Yes. Camphor is a French restaurant with a touch of Southeast Asian influence (a similarity it also shares with many of Paris’ best restaurants), so we certainly suggest getting at least the tartare. 

When should I get here?
Come for dinner. This isn’t really the type of place you pop by for a drink, but if you wanna keep light, there are few better combos than tartare and a martini (see above).

Why am I here?
You’re here because you needed a reason to head to the Arts District and you like interesting twists on your French bistro staples. You stayed for the second martini.

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