NewsCamus Caribbean Expedition Cognac Set To Arrive In September

Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac Set To Arrive In September


Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac will be hitting shelves come September. It has been two years since the family-owned Cognac house began the project, which uses double maturation in Oceanic and Tropical climates. 

Finished in “highly distinctive” environmental conditions, Camus’ goal is experimentation and exploration in hopes of enhancing the intensity of the French brandy’s aromas. To do this, the brand teamed with TOWT, a French Company still practicing traditional maritime transportation by wind propulsion, and loaded ten sealed casks of Cognac–in its 4th year of ageing–on a historic ship sailing through the transatlantic route, which leads to Barbados in the Lesser Antilles.

The trip to Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, took 45 days, where Richard Seale, Master Distiller of the historic Rum House Foursquare, took control of the casks and matured them for another year in tropical climate conditions.

From motion to variations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure, the Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac has been exposed to a multitude of environmental factors that have enhanced its intensely aromatic notes. The unique climates accelerated changes in colour and flavour profile as well, creating a Cognac with a distinctive taste that is a first in the history of the category.

Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac Tasting Notes: 

  • Colour: Consistent amber with golden highlights. 
  • On the nose: Intense primary aromas of banana and pear. Spicy accents of cocoa bean and nutmeg, anticipating the typical rancio notes. 
  • On the palate: Explosive attack, followed by roundness and elegance. Aromatic depth, with notes of exotic fruits accompanied by soft tannins.

It will be an extremely limited release as just 4,500 bottles of Camus Caribbean Expedition Cognac will become available on September 1, 2020 for an exclusive pre-sale on the house’s official web store.

As for now, we all just have to sit, wait, and lick our lips at the prospect of hopefully getting ourselves on some of the delicious golden liquor.

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