NewsCamus Cognac Invites You To Have The Perfect Sidecar Cocktail Kit Delivered To Your Door

Camus Cognac Invites You To Have The Perfect Sidecar Cocktail Kit Delivered To Your Door


Camus Cognac is releasing a limited edition Sidecar cocktail Kit. Created at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in 1919, the Sidecar is one of the most iconic Cognac-based cocktails in the history of mixology and thanks to the famed French Brandy house, you can now have the taste of the City of Light delivered directly to your door.

A well-balanced sidecar cocktail requires a very aromatic Cognac, which is why the kit comes with Camus Very Special, which is intensely aromatic. Included in the kit are a bottle of Very Special 70cl, a bottle of Triple Sec De Kuyper 35cl, a professional shaker, a vacuum-packed fresh lemon, and a booklet to discover the secrets of the perfect recipe. You can create up to 14 Sidecar cocktails, all you need to supply is the ice.

The Camus Very Special Cognac is the richest Cognac in fruity aromas within the category. Distilled with lees and aged only in fine grain French oak small barrels, the VS boasts an extremely high concentration in esters, resulting in intense flavors of summer fruits and subtle spices.

Camus Very Special is a careful blend of eaux- de-vie reflecting the quintessential flavors of the Charente terroir, characterized by rich fruity aromas with hints of spices. This profile is the result of a distillation that specifically aims at enhancing highly-aromatic components and of a careful tasting process by the Cellar Master along the whole maturation period to establish the ideal combination of barrels for the final Assemblage.

The Camus Cognac Sidecar Cocktail Kit goes on sale November 5 and will be priced at €59 ($69 USD). It can be purchased directly from the brand’s official web store.

Back in September, Camus released the limited edition Caribbean Expedition Cognac, and we sat down with Global Brand Manager Pier Paolo Catucci to discuss the inspiration, science, tradition, and journey that went into the creation of the incredibly elegant expression.

Camus Cognac Sidecar Cocktail Kit case

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