Candelaria is not visible from the street. Even once you’re inside the small taqueria that occupies the front of part of the address, there’s a good chance you won’t know there’s a high-end cocktail bar in back. Order a couple tacos–some of Paris’s best–and maybe a cerveza and watch the steady stream of visitors walk through the front eatery and disappear behind the curtain. (You should also get the guacamole. It’s never a mistake.)

candelaria cocktail

Located in Le Marais, Candelaria is a bar in the traditional speakeasy form, which has become hip across Europe over the past decade–despite most countries on the continent never going through an American-type prohibition. The environment conjures a sense of mystery and spectacle, which is ideal for the space’s cave-like setting. The bar could not be more different than the taqueria upfront. The lighting is low and intimate and Mexican textiles deliver splashes of color.

Like Quixotic Projects’ other top cocktail bars, Glass and Le Mary Celeste, Candelaria delivers top-notch drinks. Here the beverages lean towards Mexico and Central and South America with Mezcal often taking center stage. For those looking to truly indulge in the smoky spirit, the bar offers a flight for around $30. On weekdays from noon till four, a variety of brunch cocktails are available, which include classics like Micheladas and Bloody Marys.

If you’re looking for a classic speakeasy experience along with some of Paris’s tastiest tacos, Candelaria is certainly the right spot. The beverages are top notch, the food is delicious, and it’s a kick to walk your way through the wondering eyes of the front taqueria. The crowd leans international thanks to the bar’s worldwide recognition, and the service is some of the best around. Bartenders are quick with a smile and drink.

Find It Here:
52 Rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris, France

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