NewsCardi B Debuts Vodka-Infused Whipped Cream, Whipshots

Cardi B Debuts Vodka-Infused Whipped Cream, Whipshots


Cardi B has teamed up with Starco Brands to launch a vodka-infused whipped cream dubbed Whipshots.

A product of four years of research and development work, Whipshots features 10% vodka content. It comes in three flavors – caramel, vanilla, and chocolate – and can be kept on the shelf, rather than requiring refrigeration.

“Ultimately, this is an innovation in celebration,” says Ross Sklar, CEO of The Starco Group. “It’s a food spirit – it will sit behind the bar or on the shelf in the restaurant kitchen.”

“There is a tremendous amount of intellectual property built into the formulation and manufacturing of Whipshots,” says Sklar who is excited about the tech angle of the product. “We are the only business in the US with a license to manufacture aerosols in a distillery.”

Therefore, Sklar believes that the online thing to do was to find a marquee name to go with the product. “We spent more than a year thinking about who would be the right partner for Whipshots, but Cardi is perfect,” explains Sklar. “She’s a perfect fit for the celebratory and aspirational tone we’re seeking – she’s got huge passion and enthusiasm, and she is so engaged with her fans.”

Cardi B looks like she was a fan from the beginning:“Whipshots matches my style—over the top, sexy, unique,” she says. “Together we’re completely innovating whipped cream and giving it an extra pop. Whipshots is Cardi in a can.”

The product does not have an official release date as of yet, however, Whipshots is expected to be scheduled to land on shelves this December.

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