NewsCastle & Key Debuts Autumn 2020 London Dry Gin

Castle & Key Debuts Autumn 2020 London Dry Gin


Castle & Key Distillery has debuted its latest seasonal expression, Autumn 2020 London Dry Gin. The new offering is the third limited-edition seasonal Gin released by the Kentucky-based distillery this year.

Created through a combination of 12 botanicals, including some that have never been used in any of the brand’s previous recipes, Castle & Key Autumn 2020 London Dry Gin uses fall flavors to distinguish itself from the densely populated craft Gin market. 

“Our Autumn 2020 Gin reimagines what traditional gin is by adding an element of smoke and woodsy tones, similar to those seen in mezcals and peated whiskies,” says Jon Brown, Quality Manager at Castle & Key Distillery. “This release required 12 unique botanicals, like Cedar Leaf, Spicebush, Caraway and Orris Root, in order to create balance and allow the flavors to blend together, and we look forward to continuing to create diversity in the market by focusing on producing high-quality spirits rather than focusing on consistency.”

On the nose, Castle & Key Autumn 2020 London Dry Gin is highlighted by bright cedar and wildflowers aromas, accompanied by notes of red tea and orange peel, with a slight peppery roast, and hints of campfire in the background. The palate is woodsy with a subtle and complex spice background that is rounded out by sweet tea, citrus and just a hint of smoke. The finish is described as “Slight roast and drying.”

If you’re looking to mix up a cocktail, the distillery recommends a Black Negroni:

Castle & Key Autumn 2020 London Dry Gin Black Negroni

Black Negroni Cocktail

  • 1.5oz Autumn 2020 Gin
  • .75oz Campari
  • .75oz Averna

Stir with ice in a rocks glass, garnish with orange peel

Coming in at 49% ABV, the Gin is currently on sale for $35.99 per 750ml bottles and can be purchased at specialty retailers across Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. Only 11,400 bottles have been produced. Check out Castle & Key’s official store locator to find out where Autumn 2020 London Dry Gin can be found.

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