NewsCiroc And Palace Reunite For Limited-Edition PALACÎROC Bottles

Ciroc And Palace Reunite For Limited-Edition PALACÎROC Bottles


Ciroc and Palace Skateboards have teamed once again to release limited-edition PALACÎROC bottles. The bottles are part of a new capsule, which features two different sized bottles, both of which have been adorned with Palace graphics, along with a miniature jacket.

Both the classic 700ml Ciroc Vodka bottle and the illuminated Ciroc Magnum bottle feature a graphic of the “Palace Angel” holding the brand’s “P” logo. The best and funniest part of the entire capsule is the “PAL-TEX” puffa jacket complete with 3M reflective paneling, which is designed to fit each bottle. The full size version was released a couple years ago as part of Palace’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

The Palace x Ciroc PALACÎROC bottles will both be available tp purchase through the CÎROC web store on December 2 as well as on Amazon

In other Ciroc news, the brand brought back one of the line’s most exclusive holiday favorites, Ciroc White Grape. Unlike most Vodkas, which are made from wheat or other grains, Ciroc White Grape is five times distilled from French grapes. The luxury vodka is made with a distinctive blend of ripe white grape and light, fruity flavors. Enriched with crisp, citrus notes and a silky texture, the Vodka offers a lush twist that shines through in anything from a simple-serve, low-cal cocktail like the Elderflower Splash to a twist on the classic Moscow Mule or Martini with the Spiced Grape Mule or Fino Cranberry Martini.

In other Holiday hilarity, thanks to Jose Cuervo and their new Doppledrinker life-sized cardboard cutouts, an image of you can be present for just about any family or friends event you might end up missing. Still, missing out on the Jameson Whiskey Tree would be a huge bummer. The “tree” stands at nine feet tall and features a lighting system that makes the 130 – unfortunately empty – Jameson bottles light up.

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