NewsClase Azul Tequila Moves Into Hospitality

Clase Azul Tequila Moves Into Hospitality


Luxury spirits company Clase Azul has announced its expansion from tequilas and mezcal into the hospitality sector. 

Founder and CEO Arturo Lomeli has underlined that he has no intention of taking focus off the drinks concerns of his company, or of slowing down production. He is simply eager to learn a new role, that of a hotelier.

“As we move further into experiences and hospitality, a hotel is naturally the next step.

“We have been working on a concept for some time and want to make sure that the property really exemplifies Mexican luxury. We want guests to feel like they have entered paradise, leaving with a renewed sense of what Mexican luxury really means.”

Lomelie describes the property, which will be located in Clase Azul’s hometown of Guadalajara, as a “super intimate, very high-end experience for guests; something that feels private and special.”

More specific details of the property, and project have not yet been shared, but given the company’s reputation for delivering high-quality drinks, expectations are that the hotel will inhabit a similar level of excellence. 

Beyond developments in hospitality, Clase Azul is also developing a project in the USA. 

The debut of the Clase Azul Loft in DUMBO, a cool new space for American tequila fanatics in the titular Brooklyn neighborhood.

Describing the DUMBO project Lomelie said, “We desire to bring a Mexican luxury experience to our clients and the Clase Azul Loft in Dumbo is the perfect way to communicate and illustrate what we stand for. 

“Dumbo Brooklyn is known for a blossoming art scene, amazing food and forward-thinking, so it made perfect sense for us to establish our US brand home there.”

The loft is scheduled to open early summer of 2021, promising to be a distinct venue to host spirits tastings, private dinners, celebrity meets and art exhibitions.

In tandem to this expansion into the bricks and mortar space, in Los Cabos, Mexico, Clase Azul has also opened a small boutique at The Shoppes At Palmilla. Here, visitors can find special items and limited-edition blends that are exclusive to the store.

And during a very busy period in the company’s history, Clase Azul is debuting a new agave spirit: Mezcal Guerrero. It is the company’s second shot at mezcal and a permanent part of its expressions. Guerrero is made with 100% Agave Papalote, a variety only found in the namesake state. The drink possesses strong flavors with aromas of grapefruit skin, fresh wood, rosemary and peanut oil.

“Guerrero is home to delicious food, magnificent artisans, and fabled stories passed down through generations,” explains Lomeli. “We are honored to invite the world to discover this remarkable part of our beloved Mexico, while sharing our new mezcal.”

In keeping with the Clase Azul brand, the handmade decanters are stunning with beautiful jade greens and 4-petal flower motifs representing a pre-Hispanic sun god. The cap is made using a lacquering technique called Olinala, which has a denomination of origin in Guerrero, and represents the vessel that ancient women used known as a jicara. The decoration features a hummingbird, which is another ancient symbol, as the region’s ancient inhabitants regarded them as messengers from the gods.

Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero is currently available nationwide.

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