NewsCódigo 1530 Debuts Rare 13-Year Añejo Tequila Finished in Cognac Casks

Código 1530 Debuts Rare 13-Year Añejo Tequila Finished in Cognac Casks


Código 1530 is releasing an exclusive and extremely limited 13-year añejo tequila that has been finished in French Cognac casks. Only 350 bottles of the unique offering are being produced, making it one of the rarest tequilas found in the market.

Código 1530 used only the finest local inputs of fully ripe agave, rock-filtered water and no other sugars, colors, flavorings or additives to create this rare 13-year Añejo.

Código 1530 Unveils a Limited 13-Year Añejo Tequila Finished in French Cognac Casks

“Our 13-year Añejo is in its own category,” says co-founder/co-CEO Federico “Fede” Vaughan. “We are taking our already beautifully aged Extra Añejo, and finishing it in French Cognac casks for another 6 months, which gives it a truly unique and distinguished taste.” 

Co-Founder/co-CEO Ron Snyder adds, “We decided to produce a 13-year because our Extra Añejo just keeps getting better and better over time… so we’ve kept some resting longer than typically done, out of curiosity.  Our agave-rich tequila continues to maintain its balanced flavor over time, and our Cabernet wine barrels are made with such dense grained French Oak that it gently ages within our naturally climatized cask cellar.  We are very pleased with the result.”

The nose opens with notes of sweet, aged vanilla that’s typical from barrel-aged tequila, followed by a whiff of cocoa powder and cinnamon. Then a lingering middle taste sensation of earthy peat and exotic spices.  This 13-year-aged tequila provides a strong body, with a long lasting and complex tasting profile; it provides a well-balanced bouquet of both scents and flavors.

The brand recommends enjoying the tequila neat or on a large ice rock.

The tequila comes in a crystal glass bottle that accentuates the rich hues of the liquid. The packaging is a custom wood box, handcrafted locally in Amatitán by skilled artisans using sustainably sourced local wood. The box features laser etching, to reveal the story behind this special Añejo, and a clear front sliding door with wood side panels features a pattern made from the Código 1530 cross logo, for a show stopping display.

Código 1530 13-Year Añejo Tequila will be available starting August 10th and is priced at approximately $3,300 per bottle. It can be purchased via the brand’s official website or from licensed fine retail shops, for a limited time only.

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