BottlesCódigo 1530 Just Launched One Of The Few True “Field To Bottle” Tequilas

Código 1530 Just Launched One Of The Few True “Field To Bottle” Tequilas


Less than one percent of all tequila brands own the entire process from “Field to Bottle,” which makes the Código 1530 Estate Harvest Still Strength Blanco tequila a unique offering. 

The special edition Blanco is considered an Estate Harvest, meaning it is made with only agave that is grown on Código 1530 owned land.Because of this control and oversight, founder and co-CEO Fede Vaughan, decided that it was the right time to harvest their Blue Weber Agave plants, waiting a full 6 years until they were fully mature with a brix level at its peak. The piñas averaged about 100 pounds each and were used to produce this limited Blanco.

For the Código 1530 Estate Harvest Still Strength Blanco, Vaughan worked with Master Distiller Wilfrido Ortega to do something never done before in the fermentation process. After cooking the estate harvest using juice from the first press, it is then fermented in small batches directly in French Oak wine barrels. The fermented juice is then distilled at the brand’s dedicated distillery (NOM 1616).

“Because we own our own process and have full control over every step of our truly craft tequila, we were able to experiment with some variables in the production process until we created exactly what we set out to accomplish,” said Vaughan. “I wanted this first Estate Harvest to be memorable, therefore, we decided to make it a higher ABV. This still strength blanco is distilled to 45% ABV or 90 proof. The result is an absolute stand out. The flavor is pure and unmatched. There is nothing else like it on the market as it speaks to the art of real tequila making that has been perfected over many generations.”

Making sure the flavors of Amatitán terroir were present was a main priority in this Código 1530 Estate Harvest. On the nose, whispers of sweet cherry blossom and honey are joined by the salinity of olive. The palate is soft with a fresh and balanced tasting profile. Bright cooked agave and citrus meet the earthy taste of black pepper, while creamy notes of nutty pumpkin seed and vegetal mint round out the tequila’s profile.

The bottles are made from 100% recycled Mexican glass. Handcrafted in Mexico by skilled artisans, the sustainably sourced glass results in a locally fabricated bottle. Additionally, since this Estate Harvest Still Strength Blanco was created from field to bottle on Código 1530’s owned land, there was lack of transport of agave which helps reduce the carbon footprint.  

Código 1530 Estate Harvest Still Strength Blanco is priced at $79 and can be purchased via the brand’s official website or at select retail locations.

Last winter, Playboy teamed up with Código 1530 for the launch of Rare Hare Double Barrel Añejo tequila.

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