NewsCódigo 1530 Partners With Playboy To Launch Rare Hare Extra Añejo Tequila

Código 1530 Partners With Playboy To Launch Rare Hare Extra Añejo Tequila


Playboy has teamed up with Código 1530 for the launch of Rare Hare Double Barrel Añejo tequila. Just 1,530 bottles of the spirit are set to be produced.

Código 1530 Rare Hare Double Barrel Añejo tequila was aged for over two years in French Oak Napa Valley Cabernet wine barrels and finished in Spanish sherry-fino casks. With aromas of spicy pepper, dried fruits, and clover honey, the tequila has a long, mellow and easy to drink finish.

“We thought it would be a terrific pairing to partner Código 1530, a leader in hand crafted spirits with Playboy, a pioneer as a global lifestyle and entertainment brand,” said Ron Snyder, CEO of Código 1530.  “Both brands highlight the simple luxuries. This partnership embodies the essence of the Playboy brand as curators of pleasure and self-expression, and brings that together with the craftsmanship, creativity and sophistication of Código 1530 in a unique collaboration.”

The tequila comes in a crystal glass bottle handcrafted in Mexico by skilled artisans, which accentuates the rich hues of the aged tequila. The sustainably sourced and locally fabricated wooden box is laser etched to reveal the details of the añejo. It has a clear front sliding door, with the collaborative branding and story etched into each panel. 

“To bring Playboy to life in this category we looked for the best of the best in spirits producers,” added Jared Dougherty, President of Strategic Partnerships at Playboy. “For tequila, there is no better brand than Código 1530 and their team of tequila and mezcal artisans.”

Rare Hare Double Barrel Añejo is pierced $899, and is available at Codigo 1530’s official website,, and select retail locations for a limited time.

In October, Código 1530 released an Ancestral Mezcal and an Artesanal Mezcal. The brand says their mezcals “have flavor profiles that are smooth on the palate, with subtle smoke to sip alone or layer into an interesting cocktail.”

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