NewsCódigo 1530 Teams Up With George Strait For Double Barrel Rosa-Reposado

Código 1530 Teams Up With George Strait For Double Barrel Rosa-Reposado


Código 1530 has announced the release of a Special Edition Double Barrel: Rosa-Reposado Tequila with country music legend George Strait. The brand was the first to produce tequila Rosa-Blanco, a naturally pink hued tequila derived from resting their Blanco expression in French white oak Napa Valley cabernet wine barrels for one month.

Codigo 1530 Rosa-Reposado Bottle

George Strait is an active partner in Código 1530 and sought to create another expression that was more widely accessible for his fans to taste, try, and love. “I was curious to further age our popular Tequila Rosa-Blanco until it graduated into the Reposado category, without charring the barrels first as we normally would for our Reposado,” explained Strait. The lack of charred barrel influence allows the agave to shine through. To complete this expression, it is finished in Spanish Sherry casks to add sweetness. 

“Because Código 1530 still uses authentic, traditional practices to create our award-winning tequilas by aging in small batched barrels, we are able to play around with techniques and try new things,” explained Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Ron Snyder. “To avoid turning our naturally light pink tequila brown from aging too long in the French Oak wine barrels, we had to experiment until the perfect timing and color was attained. Rested at approximately 3 months, then finished in Spanish Sherry casks, the new Rosa-Reposado expression was born, flaunting a unique color that is a slight golden brown with a hint of rosé pink.”

Tasting notes include cooked agave, cherry, and lively citrus. The bottles feature a custom, special edition print with George Strait’s silhouette, guitar, and signature. Each bottle is carefully hand filled and packaged in a 750ml bottle of Mexican, bubbled glass with a raised symbolic Jerusalem Cross from the Jalisco region on its shoulder and branded in its base.

The George Strait Special Edition Rosa-Reposado Tequila will be sold between $74.99 – $79.99 at retail and will be available starting September 15th on the Código 1530 website and at licensed retail outlets.

In August, Código 1530 released an exclusive and extremely limited 13-year añejo tequila that has been finished in French Cognac casks. Only 350 bottles of the unique offering are being produced, making it one of the rarest tequilas found in the market.

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