NewsCognac and Gastronomy: Camus Unveils Six Dishes And Cognac Pairings To Inspire Your Holiday Celebrations

Cognac and Gastronomy: Camus Unveils Six Dishes And Cognac Pairings To Inspire Your Holiday Celebrations


While Cognac may be primarily known as an after dinner tipple, or even as a core ingredient for cocktails, it’s also ideal to accompany various dishes. To celebrate the season, Camus house ambassador Frédéric Dezauzie has come up with six dishes and cognac pairings to help you discover this spirit when planning your holiday meals.

Pairing n°1

Cognac Île de Ré Double Matured / Shrimp just seared and mousse with lemon zest and coriander

Camus Cognac Holiday pairings 1

This appetizer highlights the association between two different kinds of fresh flavors: the mineral and salty taste of shrimp meets the iodine profile of a Camus Île de Ré Double Matured Cognac, with floral notes – here in particular vine blossoms – echoing in the aftertaste.

The lemon zest mousse – enhanced by coriander – creates a long and exotic frame, with a very light consistency mitigating alcohol impact.

The pairing reveals notes of Bourbon vanilla and toffee usually undetectable in Île de Ré Double Matured by itself. It’s a combination of rare spices, exotic fruits in abundance, with a sea breeze in the background.

Pairing n°2

Cognac Port Cask Finish / Smoked Scottish Wild Salmon

Camus Cognac Holiday pairings 2

A recipe that might seem classic and easy, but which plays over the main aromatic features of a Camus Port Cask Finish to achieve perfection.

Everything works perfectly here, with Cognac lightening the rich consistency of the salmon.

The subtle woody notes of this Cognac – especially when served “chilled” – amplify the smokey notes of the salmon, whereas the charming notes deriving from the port finish highlight the smooth texture of the fish.

Pairing n°3 

Cognac XO Borderies / Duck Foie Gras, candied onion and ginger 

Camus Cognac Holiday pairings 3

A perfect marriage between two classics!

The lavish and spicy aromas of XO Borderies blend perfectly with the sweet bitterness of a traditional foie gras cooked in a tea towel.

With the addition of candied onion, we enter into a voluptuous dimension: the complexity of XO Borderies signs the apotheosis of this perfect pairing, with the right balance of flavors between the two ingredients and some tingling accents of Sichuan pepper. 

Like a perfectly regulated watch mechanism, everything flows smoothly in this combination, which is one of our favorite Cognac and food pairings, and it’s perfect for holiday meal times.

Pairing n°4

Cognac VSOP Borderies / Fourme de Montbrison

VSOP borderies

Although very powerful in flavor, the heart of Fourme de Montbrison is soft on the palate.

The soft notes of vanilla and pastry mixed with spicy and nutty aromas of VSOP Borderies find their perfect balance with the rustic style of this cheese.

This pairing works perfectly on a combination of similar notes: strong aromas with strong aromas, soft texture with mellow consistency.

We can only fall under the spell of this pairing which holds the palate from start to finish!

Pairing n°5

Cognac Mini set Intensely Aromatic / Belchard apples caramelized with Speculoos


Based on a very simple pairing, it consists of associating a dessert with multiple flavors with the aromas of 3 of the most aromatic cognacs on the market !!

With its sweet primary flavors and acidity, the Belchard apple tends to crush everything, but on this blend the three cognacs hold up well thanks to the allies they find in the cinnamon aromas of speculoos and the sweetness of caramel.

A superb finish full of different sensations: a rather beautiful combination playing over the balance of different soft flavors.

With each cognac the different angles of the dish are respected, that is to say the complexity of the tastes and the spicy sweetness of the ingredients.

An olfactory and gustatory universe with a high versatility.

Pairing n°6

Sidecar Cocktail / 90% Dark chocolate Cake

sidecar kit

A chocolate / cognac pairing is classic, but you will not be disappointed here, because Sidecar works extremely well.

By definition, dark chocolate is the backbone of this pairing: therefore each element must work individually, with the fruity notes and the freshness of Camus VSOP Intensely Aromatic impeccably enhancing the frank flavors of the chocolate and the zesty combination of triple sec, lemon and orange adding an exotic touch to the ensemble.

A pairing full of dynamism, from head to toe!

These six Cognac and dish pairings are sure to lift the spirits of your holiday meals.

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