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Cognac Park VS Carte Blanche


Cognac Park VS Carte Blanche is the youngest Cognac produced by the Borderies-based House. A light and exciting entrance point for the Maison, this VS remains affordable (around $40 USD) without compromising quality.

Composed of ugni blanc grapes that are half from Fins bois and half from Petite Champagne, the eaux de vie is kept in new Limousin casks for 6 months, and then transferred to older casks for further aging, between four and eight years.

The Cognac opens on the nose with aromas of spring-dried flowers, baked apples, and macerated cherries. The palate is delicate and floral with plums, toffee, and red fruit shining through. The finish is surprisingly robust with subtle pepper notes.

Park VS is ideal for making cocktails, and if you’re looking to mix something up, the House recommends a Park Honey Sour:

Park Honey Sour

Park Honey Sour

  • 5 cl Cognac Park VS Carte Blanche
  • 2 cl Lemon juice
  • 1,5 cl Acacia honey
  • 1 egg white

Pour all the ingredients into the smaller part of the Shaker. Close the shaker et shake for 10 seconds (without the ice-cubes, so as to obtain a perfect mousse). Open the shaker and add some ice-cubes; shake for 15 seconds.Filter with the help of a strainer and pour directly into a Martini glass. Decorate with a thin slice of pear, powdered orange zest, and a vanilla pod.


Established in 1880, Cognac Park is the premier brand produced by Distillerie Tessendier. Today, the distillery and vineyards are composed within an estate of more than 60 acres in the heart of one of the most exclusive growing areas of Cognac: The Borderies. The distillery is in its fourth generation of family ownership with brothers and Master Blenders Lilian and Jérôme Tessendier currently at the helm. One of the most innovative creators of the French spirit, the house ventures beyond classical frontiers, developing Cognacs with contemporary twists.

Cognac Park makes a variety of different Cognacs, including Park VSOP, Park Borderies, Park XO Grande Champagne, Park XO Cigar Blend, and Park Extra Grande Champagne, which are all part of their core range.

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