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Collage Art & Cocktail Social Club


Bartenders from around the globe bring a wealth of ideas and experience to Collage Art & Cocktail Social Club. Located in Barcelona’s El Born neighborhood, the bar serves up elegantly crafted cocktails in a relaxed and refined setting. Compared to the loud crowds that fill most of the bars in the area, Collage provides a civilized space to sip intelligently crafted drinks.

collage cocktail

The bar is covered in a mosaic of tiles and the walls are filled with framed pictures. A second floor provides a lounge area ideal for small groups and intimate conversation. Mismatched vintage furniture adds to the space’s retro vibe, adding to its charm. Downstairs, bartenders craft an array of riffs on classic cocktails as they chat with tourists and locals.

On a given night, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find mixologists from France, Italy, and Peru, which gives the bar a feeling of worldly knowledge. Drinks like a barrel-aged Boulevardier and a French Martini show the bar’s attention to the history of cocktail creation. The bar creates their own bitters and syrups, which means each beverage is unique to Collage. 

A variety of small snacks are available at the bar, which are perfect for nibbling with drinks. And if you order a beverage before 11 pm the bar will provide a small bite to go with it. It’s this kind of attention to detail and comfort that makes the bar unique.

Collage Art & Cocktail Social Club provides a welcome respite from the otherwise wild El Born. The space is elegant and quiet, making it perfect for couples or those looking for a break from the madness outside. The drinks are classics, which means you can actually find something you’re familiar with. It all goes to help create a warm and welcoming environment, which makes Collage an ideal space for a peaceful night filled with warm company and tasty beverages.

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Find It Here:
Carrer dels Consellers, 4
08003 Barcelona, Spain

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