NewsCome Alone: Hitori, A Tokyo Bar For Solo Drinkers Only

Come Alone: Hitori, A Tokyo Bar For Solo Drinkers Only


If you’re looking to grab a drink in Tokyo, but don’t want anyone to join you, Hitori might be the place for you. Located on the seventeenth floor of an industrial building in the chic Shinjuku district, Hitori only allows patrons to enter the bar if they’re by themselves.

Shinjuku offers no shortage of places to knock back a few beers or a couple cocktails. With the busiest train station in the world serving the neighborhood, the neighborhood has a constant stream of businesspeople, shoppers, and sightseers coming in and out of the area. And those looking for something to drink have block after block of skyscrapers packed with bars and pubs waiting for them. If you’re looking to go somewhere alone, however, Hitori might be the spot calling your name.

Hitori means “individual” or “alone,” and the bar can only fit about 17 people into its tight confines. If you’re thinking it’s some hot new singles spot, it’s not, but the bar is one of the few in town that encourages conversation between strangers. Japanese customs dictate that people don’t approach strangers in bars, But at this particular spot, people feel free to engage in light small talk.. Those not looking for conversation, meanwhile, can enjoy their drink with a side of solitude.

Hitori opened in June 2018 and is known for serving reasonably priced drinks by Tokyo standards–a beer or a cocktail will run you ¥1000 yen ($9). Women don’t have to pay a cover charge, while men will have to drop somewhere between 500-3,000 yen depending on the time of day. 

The bar doesn’t service serve food, but bartenders make up for the lack of grub by bringing candy, cookies, chocolates, or popcorn for customers to munch on. It’s all part of what makes Hitori’s surprisingly warm atmosphere. 

The crowd ranges in age, starting in the 20s and continuing on up, and by all accounts it’s one of the Japanese capital’s friendliest bars.

Find It Here:
Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 2-46-7, Dai-san Hirasawa Building 7th floor

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