NewsComte de Grasse Reveals 06 Vodka x Rosé

Comte de Grasse Reveals 06 Vodka x Rosé


Comte de Grasse has launched 06 Vodka x Rosé. The offering is the latest addition to the Mediterranean spirits distillery’s lineup, which includes 44°N Gin as well as a variety of pre-batched cocktails.

To create 06 Vodka x Rosé, Comte de Grasse created an entirely new style of vodka-rosé using an ‘innovative’ flavor extraction technique. Marie-Anne Contamin, master distiller of Comte de Grasse, used a new process, called active wine extraction (AWX), to combine the flavors of rosé wine with the vodka.

The vodka is made from French winter wheat, and the microclimate and terroir of the region results in ‘soft wheat’ to give the desired flavous for 06 Vodka. The nose offers aromas of rosé wine, specifically from Domaine Château Vert, with strawberry notes. The palate delivers subtle floral notes, with white peach and a fruity finish.

Established in 2017, the distillery is located in Grasse, the perfume region in the Côte d’Azur, France. 06 Vodka x Rosé gets its name from the 6pm apéritif hour in Provence and it is recommended to be enjoyed at this hour as a refreshingly different choice. 

Bottled at 37.5% ABV, 06 Vodka x Rosé is said to represent the 6pm apéritif hour in Provence. It has been priced at €42 (US$50) per bottle.

For more information, head over to Comte de Grasse’s official website.

If you like the idea of pink spirits, but fancy yourself as more of a tequila person, Calirosa has announced their launch in 14 states with wider distribution to roll out across the United States and Mexico later in the year. The brand enters the market with their Rosa Blanco and Anejo, with product expansion plans imminent throughout 2021 and beyond ranging from $49-$74. The Rosa Blanco is finished for 30 days in California Cabernet barrels which gives the liquid a distinctive, soft pink hue and a floral-forward flavor profile with hints of cherry and orange peel. The Anejo is aged in American Oak wine barrels for eighteen months, producing a beautiful rose gold tone with shades of shiny copper, alongside a slightly fruity aroma with notes of cooked agave, chocolate, toffee, and vanilla.

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