NewsCourvoisier Introduces Mizunara Cask Matured Cognac

Courvoisier Introduces Mizunara Cask Matured Cognac


Maison Courvoisier is the latest brand to tap into the deserved hype surrounding Mizunara casks with the introduction of Courvoisier Mizunara. The new Cognac expression looks to unite two cultures and traditions both known for their blending prowess.

Made using Grand Champagne, Courvoisier Mizunara begins its journey aging in French oak barrels and is then transferred to one of House of Suntory’s Mizunara casks made of Japanese Mizunara wood for a second maturation resulting in a harmonious and aromatic cognac.

Courvoisier Mizunara was created in unison between Courvoisier’s Sixth Chief Blender Patrice Pinet and Fifth-Generation Chief Blender of the House of Suntory, Shinji Fukuyo. Drawing on their collective expertise, Pinet and Fukuyo discovered commonalities in the process of precise oak selection and aging in both cognac and Japanese whisky to create Courvoisier Mizunara. 

“Memorable blends begin in the imaginations of those who dare to dream them. I have always been intrigued by the scarcity and uniqueness of Japanese Mizunara oak and honored by the opportunity to work with the legendary wood and the incredibly talented Shinji Fukuyo of House of Suntory,” said Pinet. “We are living in two different countries with two different cultures, but deeply connected in our values and respect for our artistry. I knew the Mizunara cask was an unconventional choice for Courvoisier and together with Shinji, we saw the potential for the notoriously temperamental wood to enhance the unique characteristics of the exceptional cognac and complement the Maison’s signature floral House style.”

“It has been an exciting journey working alongside Patrice to discover a new, unique taste profile of Courvoisier using Japanese Mizunara oak,” said Fukuyo. “I have always been fascinated by experimenting with flavors through innovation, and I’m very excited to have taken part in the development of Courvoisier Mizunara and to help create something never before tasted.”

Each bottle of the Cognac showcases the golden mahogany tone of the liquid with a legendary Japanese Mizunara oak tree adorned across the front in gold and is numbered to signify the rarity of the exquisite blend.

Just 500 bottles of the Mizunara cask Cognac will be made available in select countries at the price of $2000 per bottle. For more information, head over to Courvoisier’s official website.

In April, Courvoisier teamed up with fashion designer Daniel W Fletcher on a limited edition design for its VSOP.

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