NewsCraft Irish Whiskey Co Unveils The Taoscán, The World’s First Port And Chestnut Whiskey

Craft Irish Whiskey Co Unveils The Taoscán, The World’s First Port And Chestnut Whiskey


The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. unveiled its fourth premium Irish whiskey, a triple distilled single malt dubbed The Taoscán. To celebrate the launch, an exclusive pre-screening of the company’s first documentary film, “Bonded by Spirit,” took place at The Electric, Notting Hill, telling the story of Founder Jay Bradley’s personal journey to establish Irish whiskey in the ultra-luxury space, as well as the story of Ireland’s whiskey heritage.

The Taoscán takes its name from the original Irish word for a small measure of liquid (traditionally whiskey) much like the Scottish word “dram.” It has been triple-casked – first for eleven-and-a-half-years in Bourbon casks, followed by a  further one-and-a-half years in sherry oloroso casks, before being divided between tawny port and chestnut casks for two years and finally blended back together again. The use of tawny port and chestnut casks – which are light in both body and color and give a silky finish – is the first time a whiskey has been casked in such a way.

The Taoscán bottle

The result is a one-of-a-kind whiskey that is smooth and viscous, imparting banana and pecan scents on the nose, followed by rye spice on the mid palate, with a medium to long finish of toasted chestnuts. First distilled in 2006, The Tao scan is the youngest of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’s portfolio so far, and – with its £600 price tag – it is the company’s most accessible whiskey to date.

As a whiskey tailored to high end bars, The Taoscán bottle has been designed to allow a bartender to quickly take it from the shelf and make a fast, perfect pour in front of customers. The 360-degree open design allows the bottle and the rich colors of the whiskey to be seen clearly from any angle and the bottle itself is showcased within a copper frame and set on a dark wood base with leather handles, which brings a richness of textures that add opulence to the design. The bottle slots securely into the base, along with an entire range of bespoke accessories including: a custom designed Finn glass, a copper pipette, a coaster, a carafe and pure obsidian whiskey stones, which can be used in place of ice to keep the whiskey cool  without dilution. Two thousand collectors’ editions have been designed for private buyers who wish to enjoy the whiskey from the comfort of their own homes. These versions include a five-sided clear display lid, locked by two side cabinet locks, with a large leather handle and copper fittings at the very top. At the back, a customised copper label gives the authenticity seal to the owner. 

The Craft  Irish Whiskey Co. launched its first product in November 2020, The Devil’s Keep.  This 29-year-old, triple-distilled, single malt whiskey, achieved the world record for the most  expensive inaugural whiskey release ever. 

In February 2021, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. partnered with Fabergé to unveil their second product, ‘The Emerald Isle Collection’ – a seven-piece custom-made whiskey featuring two bottles of  ultra-rare 30-year-old, triple-distilled whiskey, along with two exclusive creations from Fabergé. It was  crowned the oldest triple-distilled Irish whiskey in the world and the inaugural experience box sold at auction for a record-breaking $2m USD. 

The third release, The Brollach, launched in June 2021 as a personal tribute to Founder Jay Bradley’s late father, who was a huge inspiration for creation of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

“Whiskey is my absolute passion in life and I am honoured to have had the opportunity to share my journey in Bonded by Spirit and to now offer our ultra-premium products to a wider audience with the release of The Taoscán,” said Jay.

Bottled at 48.9% ABV, just 4,000 bottles of The Taoscán will be released this year, with 4,000 more set to hit shelves in 2022. Bottles will be priced at €700 / £600.

For further information on The Craft Irish Whiskey Co, head over to the brand’s official website.

The Taoscán box

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