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From open till close, Creps Al Born is a full out party. The place is seemingly always packed and the music is loud. The staff keeps the energy high with full-on Cocktail-style bar tricks, and the drinks are fruity and fun. If you’re looking for a blow out night in Barcelona, Creps Al Born should definitely be on your list.

The space is cramped and dark. Large, metal lamps hang over the fresh fruit-covered bar, and visitors do their best to slide between other guests to order drinks. The cozy confines only help to add to the energetic vibe that pervades the drinkery. While there is no dancefloor to speak of – unlike their sister space, Bar Sauvage, located across the street – there is plenty of movement. The tunes are loud and the bartenders lead singalongs to their favorite tracks.

When it comes to drinks, patrons tend towards the fruit-oriented cocktails or shots. The mixed drinks are presented with elegant fruit adornments, but if you’re looking for something delicious to sip on that isn’t overwhelming to the eye – and is easy to hold onto – order the punch.

Those looking for a bite to coat their guts and provide those extra calories to push later into the night will be happy to find that their are a variety of sweet and savory crepes – hence the name – available to order. The kitchen is only open till 11 pm, however, so make sure to get there early if you’re expecting a bite.

Creps Al Born parties from open till close. The space is cozy and packed with tourists and locals. The drinks are fun and fruity, and lean towards sweet and accessible. Those looking for a long night, filled with impromptu song and don’t mind rubbing up against smiling strangers, will find that Creps Al Born offers the party-first atmosphere they’ve been searching for.

creps al born interior

Find It Here:
Passeig del Born, 12
08003 Barcelona, Spain

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