NewsCucielo Unveils Dry Vermouth di Torino

Cucielo Unveils Dry Vermouth di Torino


Cucielo has launched its Dry Vermouth di Torino. The new offering is the third release from the Italian vermouth brand, which was founded by Artisan Spirits CEO Andy Holmes. It follows the launch of Cucielo Rosso and Bianco, both of which hit shelves in 2018.

“Not only is the Martini one of the most iconic vermouth-based cocktails, it’s probably the most iconic cocktail of all time, so it was always a natural next step for us to create a dry expression designed for the serve,” said Holmes. “Cucielo Dry is a homage to aperitivo culture – from the selection of botanicals through to the label design which is inspired by the iconic golden hour.

Made from Aloe Ferox, bitter and sweet orange peel from Calabria, elderflower, dried Sicilian lemon peel, and cardamom, the dry vermouth delivers crisp notes of fresh Sicilian citrus, complemented by a light herbal bitterness throughout.

“It’s a really exciting time in the history of vermouth as the rise of aperitif drinks globally has opened up the category to a new generation of drinkers, who are not only enjoying vermouth in amazing cocktails but also as the hero ingredient in a Spritz or simple serve,” added Holmes. “We’re also seeing new levels of excitement in vermouth amongst bartenders, who are embracing the spirit’s complexity which is often compared to that of a perfume.

“While Cucielo’s aim is to bring vermouth to modern drinkers, authenticity and originality sit at the heart of our products, our dry expression follows the revered techniques that led to Vermouth Di Torino becoming recognised in EU law in 2017 as a DOC appellation for its quality and provenance”.

Bottled at 18% ABV, Cucielo Dry Vermouth di Torino is priced at £18 ($23 USD) per 500ml bottle. The liquid will roll out across 28 international markets with drinks firm Ten Locks responsible for UK distribution.

“Cucielo Dry Vermouth di Torino launches in the UK just in time for a summer whereby we expect Italian Aperitivo Culture to flourish,” said Becky Davies, head of commercial at Ten Locks. “The launch represents a clear opportunity for the on-trade to get behind the consumer appetite for the classic Martini, and the simple serve with tonic taps into the lower alcohol drinks trend. For retailers, Cucielo is an exceptional vermouth with fresh, premium, eye-catching branding to attract those at home drinkers across the country who wish to celebrate golden hour in style.

“Cuceilo Dry Vermouth di Torino is a welcome and powerful addition to our portfolio – we’re confident the brand will win for our customers this summer owing to its classic and hugely respected provenance and contemporary positioning.”

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

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