NewsCurrach Single Malt Irish Whiskey Unveils Founders Wakame Cask Strength Release

Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey Unveils Founders Wakame Cask Strength Release


Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey has released Founders Wakame Cask Strength. The new offering from the Origin Spirits brand is the second release under the Currach moniker.

Origin Spirits partnered with Irish whiskey subscription service, Three Drams, for the launch of their latest Founder’s Single Cask release, Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey – Founders Wakame Cask Strength Release.

Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey is the first to be finished in seaweed charred casks. To celebrate the creation, the distillery released a limited edition series of ‘Founders’ Cask Strength bottlings. These bottles have been drawn from the very first casks used to explore the idea of enriching a single malt Irish Whiskey with seaweed.

The second bottling in this series is the Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey – Founders Wakame Cask Strength release. This has been created using sustainably hand harvested and organic Irish Wakame Seaweed. It is a limited edition single cask of 220 hand-filled and hand numbered bottles at cask strength of 58.4% ABV.

“Our vision on Currach was to create a single malt Irish whiskey based on various elements of the Irish terroir<’ explained Patrick Shelley, Founder of Origin Spirits Ireland Ltd. “Our land produces some of the best malted barley in the world and our seas yield wonderful organic and sustainable seaweed. Never before have these two elements been brought together in a whiskey and we are proud that this is a world’s first. The union of land & sea has become the backbone of Currach, and gives it such a uniquely rich, multi layered and complex character.

“After the success of our initial Atlantic Kombu Founders Cask, we are now delighted to release our second Founders Cask variety created using Atlantic Wakame seaweed, thus showing the incredible diversity of Ireland’s maritime terroir, and how this influences our single malt whiskey. This will be followed by the Currach Atlantic Wakame commercial release in 2021.

“We’re also thrilled that this exciting release will be launched in association with Ireland’s first ever whiskey subscription service, Three Drams”.

On the nose, the Currach Founders Wakame Cask Strength offers toasted oak followed by enticing seashore aromas, intermingled with scents of dark chocolate and salted caramel, complemented by red berries with a pinch of maritime sea salt. A briney coastal flavor coats the mouth on entry, followed by sweet tropical fruits and salted caramel, giving way to vanilla, marshmallows and a hint of strawberries. It possesses an elegant sweet and salty finish with lingering umami undertones.

The Whiskey will become available to the public on December 4th for the price of €110 ($133 USD) and can be purchased at Irish Malts or the Celtic Whiskey Shop.

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