NewsDewar’s Launches Whisky-Infused Chicken Burger In London

Dewar’s Launches Whisky-Infused Chicken Burger In London


Dewar’s has launched a whisky-infused chicken burger in London as part of pop-up celebrations for two new whiskies. The pop-up is part of a series of events being held to introduce two new additions to Dewar’s Cask Finish Series, Caribbean Smooth and Ilegal Smooth, which are set to rollout across the UK this month,

The Chicken Whisky BBQ burger will be served alongside a Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth Highball cocktail as part of a ‘Burger & ‘Ball’ experience at Truffle London. Mark Low, lead creative at Mr Lyan Studio and Dewar’s creative consultant, created the pairing menu, which also features a classic burger with a Dewar’s Ilegal Smooth Highball.

Dewar’s 8-Year-Old Ilegal Smooth, finished in Mezcal casks, and Dewar’s 8-Year-Old Caribbean Smooth, aged in Caribbean rum casks, will also be available in cocktail bars across the country including: Milroy’s of Soho, Satan’s Whiskers, and Vinegar Yard in London and Scottish bars Kelvingrove Café and The Gate.

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

In July, Dewar’s announced the launch of Dewar’s Japanese Smooth, an 8-year-old double-aged Scotch whisky that has been finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak casks for six months. The resulting whisky features subtle floral honey and heather notes along with complex sandalwood aromas on the nose followed by cinnamon spice on the palette – a result of the porous qualities of the rare 200-year old Mizunara oak tree variety, also known as the “water oak.”

In January, Dewar’s unveiled Portuguese Smooth, an 8 Year Old Port cask finished blended Scotch Whisky. The new offering from the Bacardi-owned brand showcases the lush flavors that are crafted when Scotland meets Portugal in a bottle. Finished in ruby Port casks, Portuguese Smooth is the third edition in the brand’s double-aged blended Scotch cask-finished series and reflects the brand’s passion for harmoniously bringing together unexpected flavor traits for a richer taste and experience.

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