NewsDictador Launches 1976 Dictador Generations $25k NFT

Dictador Launches 1976 Dictador Generations $25k NFT


Following in the path of Glenfiddich, Colombia’s Dictador rum has partnered with BlockBar to release its 1976 Dictador Generations bottling as an NFT. Last year, a bottle of the rum sold for $41,950 at auction.

The 1976 Dictador Generations bottles have been aged for 45 years, and come in a crystal decanter created by renowned glassmaking house Lalique. Only 10 of bottles will be made available, set with a price tag of $25,000 each, payable via credit card or Ethereum on the BlockBar platform.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Dictador, one of the most unique and prestigious Rum brands in the world,” BlockBar Co-Founder Dov Falic says. “Together, we will reach an entirely new class of collectors. Rum as a category has seen tremendous growth in recent years and has proven to be an emerging sector in the spirits world. Few rums make it to this age, and we are excited to showcase this exceptional rum in a beautiful Lalique decanter.”

With their purchase, buyers receive an invitation to a private dinner for two with Master Blender Hernan Parra, a visit to the distillery (located in Cartagena, Colombia), a city sightseeing tour, and a stay for two at five-star hotel The Indias. The private dinner will include an individual spirit tasting from Parra’s family collection.

These limited-edition bottles are some of the oldest rums in history and will come with a set consisting of a personalized expositor opened with a thumbprint and complete with professional lighting, a signed sketch of the bottle by Lalique Head Designer Marc Laminaux, and an album created and signed by Hernan Parra and Marc Laminaux titled “How was it made?”

“Dictador Generations en Lalique is a unique product and project in the history of Dictador,” says Marek Szoldrowski, President of Dictador Europe. “The knowledge of a few generations of the Parra family transformed into a one-of-a-kind liquid, enclosed within a glamorous crystal designed by Lalique … only a few bottles are left. We have decided to dedicate 10 of them to the NFT sale as a part of a personalized offer for our partner, BlockBar. It is the first project that would be this complex and unique, which would allow one to get to know the Dictador brand on every level their senses will let them.”

The 10 bottles are currently available and the NFT will serve as a digital receipt for the product. Buyers may exchange the NFT for the physical bottle, resell or transfer it directly through BlockBar at any time. BlockBar will store the bottle until the buyer requests its delivery. 

For more information, visit BlockBar’s official website.

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