NewsDiplomatico Debuts Seleccion de Familia, A new Super-Premium Rum Made For Cocktails

Diplomatico Debuts Seleccion de Familia, A new Super-Premium Rum Made For Cocktails


Diplomatico has unveiled Seleccion de Familia Rum. The new “super-premium” expression from the Venezuelan brand is specifically suited toward cocktail creation, and made to represent the personalities behind the spirit. 

Made from molasses and sugar cane honey, Diplomatico Seleccion de Familia is distilled in 90% copper pot stills and 10% batch kettle and column stills. It’s then aged for up to 12 years in American white oak, ex-Bourbon, and ex-Sherry casks.

“A passion for artisanal rum-making traditions flows through our family’s veins, said José Rafael Ballesteros Melendez, Rum Diplomático CEO, about the new offering. “We have used our skills and knowledge to create a distinguished rum that evokes this unique character and this is why we have called it Diplomático Selección de Familia.”

According to Diplomatico, the new Rum was created to represent the personalities behind the brand. On the nose, it offers notes of vanilla toffee, red fruits, honey, black tea-soaked raisins and banana. The deep honeyed character continues on to the robust and elegant palate along with notes of warming spices, dried fruit, and vanilla, all supported by a pleasant astringent streak. Bottled at 43% ABV, the dark rum is overall a “rich” and “spicy” offering. 

That spiciness “encourages playing around with stirred drinks,” according to Diplomático brand ambassador Jon Lister. He recommends using Selección de Familia in a Sazerac, Manhattan, or Old Fashioned.

“You can feel the influence of Jerez [the sherry cask], oak, honey, dried fruit, vanilla… it’s the picture of our passion,” said Diplomático master rum maker Nelson Hernandez  during a virtual tasting of the new Rum.

Diplomatico Seleccion de Familia is currently on sale for £55 ($71 USD) and can be found throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. There is now word yet on when the new expression might become available in the United States, but our fingers are cross that it’s in the near future.

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