BottlesDon Julio Rested Tequila In Port Wine Casks To Create Its Luxury Rosado

Don Julio Rested Tequila In Port Wine Casks To Create Its Luxury Rosado


Don Julio looked to Portugal for its latest luxury tequila innovation: Don Julio Rosado. The new offering follows in the footsteps of the brand’s most recent colorful offering, the orange wine cask-finished Primavera.

Tequila Don Julio Rosado is a Reposado tequila that’s aged for at least four months in Ruby Port wine casks from the Douro wine region of Portugal. The result is a tequila with a delicate pink hue that delivers notes of creamy strawberry, ripe raspberry, dried plum, roasted caramel, and a touch of rich cocoa, creating a unique and smooth tequila.

On the nose, the tequila offers inviting aromas of red fruits and caramel. The palate finds a unique blend of strawberry, raspberry, and plum notes balanced with flavors of roasted caramel and rich cocoa. The finish is described as “incredibly smooth with a light fruit finish.”

The brand recommends enjoying its Rosado on the rocks or with a splash of sparkling water and lemon garnish.

Don Julio Rosado is priced at $125.99 per 750ml bottle. For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

In October, Don Julio launched a second bottling of its Ultima Reserva, a special bottling that celebrates its 80th anniversary. Now the brand is releasing a second bottling of the unique tequila.

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