NewsDon Julio Teams Up WIth Chefs Across U.S. To Create Tequila Cocktails For Dia De Muertos

Don Julio Teams Up WIth Chefs Across U.S. To Create Tequila Cocktails For Dia De Muertos


In celebration of Dia de Muertos, Tequila Don Julio has partnered with six celebrated Mexican chefs across the United States to collaborate and create Don Julio cocktails that pair perfectly with family-style meals. The chefs from New York, Los Angeles and Texas have curated specialty Tequila cocktail pairings inspired by their mentors and treasured traditions with friends and family.

The three custom collaborations will be served from October 31 through November 2 in an effort to bring people together over authentic food and drink for the holiday, and consist of one custom cocktail coupled with their own version of a family meal. 

  • Houston Chef Ruben Delgado X Los Angeles Chef Edgar Santiago: “La Catrina” Tequila Don Julio Reposado, Mexican corn liqueur, blood orange cordial and lemon juice
  • New York Chef Alan Delgado X Los Angeles Chef Joshua Gil: “Día de los Muertos Margarita” Tequila Don Julio Blanco infused with hoja santa and serrano peppers, activated charcoal, agave and marigolds
  • Austin Chef Justin Delgado X New York Chef Manuel Quintero: “Margarita Clasica” Tequila Don Julio Blanco, fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, organic agave

The specialty Don Julio Dia de Muertos cocktail pairings can be ordered for delivery from the below establishments:

“Tequila Don Julio takes this time during Día de los Muertos to celebrate the legend of our founder Don Julio González, who was devoted to crafting the highest quality tequila to enjoy with friends and family,” shares Christina Choi, Senior Vice President of Tequila, Diageo North America.

For every featured custom cocktail that is ordered for delivery between October 31 and November 2, Tequila Don Julio will donate $25, up to $25,000 (no minimum donation), to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, an advocacy and action nonprofit created by and for restaurant workers. This donation is part of an ongoing effort as the brand continues to support friends and familia in the bar and restaurant community who have shared Don Julio tequila with the world throughout the years and are amongst the hardest hit during this incredibly challenging time.

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