NewsDon Julio Teams Up With Mr Flower Fantastic To Celebrate Growth, Community, And The 2020 Basketball Season

Don Julio Teams Up With Mr Flower Fantastic To Celebrate Growth, Community, And The 2020 Basketball Season


Tequila Don Julio 1942 has teamed up with artist Mr Flower Fantastic to celebrate and commemorate the 2020 basketball season with a limited edition sculpture. Exclusively available on the NTWRK app, the handmade, cast marble planter is specifically designed to grow succulents, such as agave, and reminds us of what can be achieved through community and action.

Dubbed “Rooted in Devotion,” the limited edition piece celebrates craft, collaboration, and the nurturing environment necessary for growth. Strife and an uncertain future have dominated the 2020 landscape, but in the face of overwhelming adversity, the professional basketball community has led their own charge, striving to make a difference both on and off the court and acting as a model of grace in the face of struggle. Rooted in Devotion celebrates their devotion to social justice and also gives back to the community. 

A portion of the proceeds will go to Seeds The City Needs, an agricultural impact initiative, working to build a culture of health in inner city communities. The organization works to address the inequitable social, political, economic, environmental and racial determinants of health, as well as overall access to quality foods.

Each edition of the special planter includes a synthetic placement plant, planting instructions in English and Spanish, a certificate of authenticity hand signed by the artist, and a custom-designed protective housing encasement, inspired by the iconic Tequila Don Julio 1942 packaging. Seeds are also included, but planting soil is not provided.

Don Julio González knew better than anyone the value of strong roots and the importance of devotion to not only craft but community – values that remain guiding principles of Tequila Don Julio today. Together, the artist and brand come together via the planter to celebrate growth and the roots that it must stem from.

The limited-edition collectible from Don Julio and Mr Flower Fantastic is $375 and will be available on the NTWRK app starting October 2 at 7pm EST. 

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