NewsDouble Cross Vodka Unveils New Bottle Design, Launches “Dare to Differ” Campaign

Double Cross Vodka Unveils New Bottle Design, Launches “Dare to Differ” Campaign


Double Cross Vodka has introduced a new bottle design, and launched its new “Dare to Differ” creative campaign. The newly unveiled bottle design and refreshed brand creative from the Slovakian distillery represent “the bold personality, daring nature and refined characteristics” of the seven times distilled, seven times filtered ultra-premium Vodka. The new creatives have already rolled out across the brand’s website, advertising and social media presence.

Launched in 2008, the original Double Cross Vodka bottle stirred the luxury spirits industry with its monolithic rectangular shape. A refined evolution of that award-winning design, the reimagined bottle embodies the rich culture and pristine natural resources used to produce Double Cross Vodka with a classic elegant neck, high, relaxed shoulders and the signature double cross from the Slovakian crest juxtaposed with the etching of ancient Slovakian poetry. Just as each bottle tells the story of where the Vodka comes from, the new creative campaign looks to bring to life the “daring, expectation-defying spirit” of Double Cross Vodka. The packaging is rolling out nationwide and will be available later this month.

The new Double Cross bottle design is the result of over a year’s worth of collaboration with industry leading trade experts. That same connection to distinctive style and commitment to the spirits industry trade is also seen in the new Double Cross Vodka creative, which depicts a more modern luxury for those that appreciate craftsmanship and quality.

Born from some of the planet’s most precious elements in one of the world’s most ruggedly stunning environments, Double Cross Vodka is committed to a standard of excellence in stewarding the resources used in production. In furthering that commitment, the new Double Cross Vodka bottle was specifically crafted to ease the strain on the environment by trimming approximately 1.5 lbs. of weight in glass and significantly reducing plastic use with a new, European-made streamlined closure. These reductions provide for 25% more efficient shipping and an overall carbon footprint reduction of over 30%. The introduction of the new bottle design further allows for a suite of new bottle sizes in both smaller (50ml) and larger (750ml, 1L, 1.75L) options, offering an ultra-premium craft vVdka to a range of trade and consumers. The 1.75 and 50ML bottles will be available in Q3 2021.

“Double Cross Vodka has always stood out as an ultra-premium spirit that defies expectations and dares to differ,” says Linda Gawne, CEO of Double Cross Vodka.  “Refined, smooth, yet unencumbered by the desire to conform, Double Cross Vodka continues its tradition of producing exceptionally high-quality vodka that both consumers and the hospitality industry can connect with and enjoy. We expect that our new creative campaign, innovative bottle design, and commitment to respecting the precious natural resources that Double Cross Vodka is made from, will expand the audience looking for an ultra-premium vodka without pretense.”

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