NewsEl Mayor Unveils Extra Añejo Sherry Cask Aged Tequila

El Mayor Unveils Extra Añejo Sherry Cask Aged Tequila


El Mayor has unveiled a new limited edition tequila, Extra Añejo Sherry Cask Aged. Distilled and produced at Destiladora González Lux, the limited-edition offering will be available nationwide in September.

El Mayor Extra Añejo Sherry Cask Aged is aged 38 months in sherry casks, resulting in a liquid with a golden amber color and a smooth and balanced finish of oak, vanilla and caramel. As with every bottle of El Mayor, this limited-edition tequila is made with 100% estate-grown, blue agave from the valley area of Jalisco, Mexico. For this bottling, only hand-selected agaves were cut, using the Jica Jima process for a smooth taste.

“The sherry cask enhances the full-body extra añejo, producing a liquid that is beautifully complex and elegant,” said Graciela González, fourth-generation distiller and daughter of Rodolfo González, master distiller at Destiladora González Lux. “From the dried-fruit-and-spice nose to the smooth finish of vanilla and cooked agave, this is an outstanding tequila that is sure to please even the most discriminating of tastes.”

El Mayor Extra Añejo Sherry Cask Aged is packaged in an embossed bottle inside a decorative secondary box.

“As demand for ultra-premium tequila grows and consumers continue to show preference for fewer but better drinks, El Mayor is positioned for ongoing market growth with its superior, award-winning tequila varieties and specialty releases,” said Chelsi Hofmeister, assistant brand manager for El Mayor.

Approximately 5,000 bottles will be made available on an allocated basis and are priced at $129.99 per 750ml bottle.

For more information, head over to El Mayor’s official website.

El Mayor is part of Luxco’s portfolio of spirits brands. In March, Luxco’s Lux Row launched Blood Oath Pact 7 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Finished in Sauternes casks, the offering is the latest in a series of Kentucky straight Bourbon blends created by Lux Row Master Distiller John Rempe.

In January, Ezra Brooks (another Luxco brand) announced the latest edition to its family of products: Ezra Brooks 99, a pure, oak-barrel-aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey which has been elevated to 44.5% ABV.

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