NewsFinn Thomson Whisky Collection Kicks Off With Glenlivet 50 Year Old

Finn Thomson Whisky Collection Kicks Off With Glenlivet 50 Year Old


One of Scotland’s rarest private cask collections is set to be bottled for the first time under the Finn Thomson Whisky brand, with a Glenlivet 50 Year Old as its first release. The collection celebrates the Thomson family’s 300-year-long relationship with Scotch whisky.

Ninth generation family member Finn Thomson is behind the release. His great-great-grandfather Peter Thomson set up his namesake grocery and whisky business in Perth in 1908, alongside blended whisky icons Dewar’s, Bell’s, and Gloag. After the sale of the business in the 1980s, Michael Thomson, Finn’s grandfather, started stowing away the young malt and grain casks that made up the secret recipe of Beneagles whisky. The casks have been left to rest ever since.

“For 300 years my forefathers have been involved in whisky – distilling, blending and trading,” explained Finn Thomson, master bottler. “And growing up, I was always fascinated by my grandfather’s recollections of his time in the whisky trade. These stories have inspired me to reignite the family business and create new experiences and innovations in the exciting world of single cask independent bottlers.

“Quietly, granddad Michael spent the 1980s and 90s selecting and collecting the young casks of single malts and grains that had formed the secret recipe of the Beneagles blend, handed down over the generations. In doing so, he accumulated one of Scotland’s largest private cask collections.

“Now, it is my honour to bring this aged collection of rare casks to the lips of a new generation. Each cask has its own individual personality. Every Finn Thomson whisky is a one-off with its own wonderful character.”

Finn Thomson Whisky collection will be divided into three ranges: Crown, Rare and Core. The Crown range will feature the oldest single malts from Scotland’s most sought-after distilleries, while the Rare series includes single cask whiskies aged for at least 30 years. The Core line, meanwhile, offers single cask bottlings.

The inaugural release is Glenlivet 50 Year Old, one of the oldest whiskies in the Crown line.

Bottled at 49.8% ABV, the expression was matured in a first-fill Sherry hogshead, with the Sherry being bottled by Peter Thomson’s in Scotland. In the 1970s, before the legal requirement that all Sherry must be bottled in Spain, it was common for Sherry to be shipped in casks to Scotland for bottling.

On the nose, the 50-year-old Glenlivet offers aromas of fried fruit and oloroso Sherry. The palate brings an initial sweetness of salted caramel followed by dried fruits. Just 127 bottles of the whisky have been made.

The full Finn Thomson Whisky range will initially be available from specialist whisky retailers across the UK including Woodwinters, Villeneuve Wines, Freds Drinks, Oban Whisky and Fine Wine, Malts and Spirits and Aberdeen Whisky Shop. It will also be available in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

For more information, head over to the brand’s official website.

Earlier this month, the Glenlivet unveiled The Sample Room Collection with 21 and 25 Year Old whiskies.

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