NewsFormer Bacardi CEO Launches Mijenta Tequila

Former Bacardi CEO Launches Mijenta Tequila


Mike Dolan has co-founded a new sustainable Tequila company, Mijenta. The former Bacardi CEO teamed up with Mexico-based distiller Ana Maria Romero to create the new brand.

In an interview with The Spirits Business, Dolan explained why he chose the agave spirit, “I chose Tequila because I love Mexico and the story of Tequila. I wanted to invest in the people that make the product.”

Mijenta Tequila is inspired by the Spanish phrase “mi gente,” meaning “my people,” and refers to a “community of like-minded people who come together to celebrate life,” according to the brand.

“Mijenta is meant to unite all kinds of people under the same flavour, whether it is for tasting, pairing with food or tasting with friends,” said Romero. “Each element of the journey has been crafted in order to celebrate the best of the land and its people – from the earth that graces us with its gifts, to our community who share their skills, to our customers who give us their trust.”

From harvest to bottle, Romero oversees the entire production of Mijenta. And now the brand is set to release its first expression, a blanco Tequila created from Blue Weber agave from maguey plants, which are grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

According to Romero, it is the land and climate that influence the characteristic of the Tequila. “We really wanted it to have the local characteristics that the region has such as red clay soil. All these aspects really inspired the characteristics of the terroir. The characteristics are fruity flavours and aromas.”

Tasting notes include honey, vanilla and caramel flavors, along with tropical fruits such as peach, melon, pineapple and soursop.

The brand is placing an emphasis on sustainability and sources everything locally with even the labels and boxes being made from agave waste.

The near future will see the brand release three more products, with a reposado expected before the end of 2020, an añejo by mid-2021, and a cristalino Tequila. The spirits will first appear in the United States with the addition of markets across the globe expected to come later this year.
Mijenta Blanco is priced at $50 and available for purchase via Mijenta’s official website.

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