NewsFranzia Releases Halloween Costume That Actually Pours Wine

Franzia Releases Halloween Costume That Actually Pours Wine


Looking for a fun Halloween costume that’ll make you the life of the party? Look no further. Franzia has unveiled a boxed wine Halloween costume that actually pours wine. That’s right, now, you can actually be the bottle, or the box more so.

“Blurring the line between costume and reality, this year’s Franzia boxed wine outfit has a trick and a treat up its sleeve,” the wine brand boasts. “The new design includes an internal side pouch that can carry a full bag of Franzia. When worn over the shoulder underneath the costume, the wearer can dispense wine to become a human box of Franzia!”

The costumes actually don’t cost too much either, just $40. Additionally, in case you find yourself in a lights out situation, the Franzia Halloween boxed wine costume features glow-in-the-dark text. Also, they are available in two styles: Franzia Dark Red Blend and Franzia Rich & Buttery Chardonnay.

“Our Franzia Halloween costumes were inspired by our fans, who we fondly call ‘Franz,’ that have been creating homemade Franzia Halloween costumes for years,” Collin Cooney, Franzia’s marketing director, explained in the announcement. “The new Franzia costumes make you the life of a party, just like an actual box of Franzia.”

If you already have your costume chosen but still want to slap the bag, the brand has released an “upgraded version” of their Franzia-dispensing backpack. Now the backpack, which can carry 5 litres of wine, comes with a pour spout.

These and other products are currently available on Franzia’s online shop — and it has multiple shipping options to make sure you get your costume in time for Halloween.

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