NewsFrederick Wildman & Sons Launches Augmented Reality Experience For Italian Wine Portfolio

Frederick Wildman & Sons Launches Augmented Reality Experience For Italian Wine Portfolio


Frederick Wildman and Sons has launched an augmented reality (AR) experience with two of the company’s fine Italian wine brands – Santi and Nino Negri. The initiative looks to entice consumers to discover fine Italian wines and all they have to offer. The new feature will bring the story of Frederick Wildman’s Italian portfolio to life, premiering with select Santi and Nino Negri bottles.

Unlocked via a QR code on a necker on the bottle or by visiting the Frederick Wildman AR web page, users will be taken to a suite of educational tools such as a guided wine tasting, food pairings, the history of the bottle and winery, and more. This new experience will allow the brand to connect directly with consumers in an increasingly digital world observing social distancing.

Frederick Wildman unveiled the AR experience in March 2021 beginning with Santi “Ventale” Valpolicella Superior DOC and Nino Negri “Quadrio” followed by Santi “Santico” Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG in Q3.

“We are so thrilled to introduce the latest innovation to our portfolio of wines – a first of its kind, digital experience to bring a true Italian wine tasting into the home of our consumers and showcase the diversity of fine Italian wines,” said Amanda Paul-Garnier, Director of Italian Fine Wines for Frederick Wildman.

Frederick Wildman is embracing digital innovation in order to create a deeper connection with their consumers. The AR feature provides an elevated wine tasting experience with each bottle, created by AR studio, TACTIC, and powered by technologies from 8th Wall and Metastage. The interactive labels include several innovative attributes such as:

●Real people as 3D holograms: Influencers Pia and Davide Baroncini were live-captured from all angles, turning them into 3D avatars. Users can use their smartphones to experience a virtual wine tasting led by these avatars.

●Next-gen storytelling: This is the first and most in-depth virtual experience ever created for this industry, using cutting edge technology to tell a deeper story about the wine the user is drinking. The tasting offers rich content backed by award-winning 3D expertise and engaging visual storytelling that conveys the wine’s history, tasting notes, and pairings.

●Web-based augmented reality activated by the bottles: There is no need to download an app on your mobile device to use the AR experience. All you need is a wireless internet connection and a smartphone. Simply open the link or scan a QR code on the bottle to go directly to the virtual wine tasting experience. This technology is both easier to use while also representing a major milestone – the first of its kind in the industry.

The first wines to be featured are very different and show the diversity and range Italy is capable of. Santi “Ventale” Valpolicella Superiore DOC wine is a berry-forward, full-bodied wine made from 80% Corvina, 10% Corvinone and 10% Rondinella. Tracing its roots to 1843, the winery is situated in Italy near Lake Garda, behind the Lessini Mountains. Santi is home to a very special climate. The combination of constant wind and sea air provides perfect conditions for making complex red wines with high acidity which make them good for aging. “Quadrio” is a medium-bodied wine with notes of raspberry and cherry and light raspberry and cherry and a light lingering dryness from the tannins made from 90% Nebbiolo and 10% Merlot. The Nino Negri winery is known for their elegant Nebbiolo wines cultivated in the extreme terrains in the Valtellina valley. Their 5 Stelle Sfursat 2015 won a 94-point rating from Wine Spectator and put them on the world stage.

To adapt to changes in industry norms, this step towards digital innovation is one of the ways wineries and importers are educating distributors, retailers, and buyers in lieu of the standard in-person samplings and tastings typically conducted by sales teams. Consumers can also take advantage of the AR feature with an elevated wine tasting experience with each bottle. This new technology creates an engaging experience that allows both trade and consumers to connect with the brands.

The Augmented Reality experience will first become available on Santi’s “Ventale” Valpolicella Superiore DOC 750ml and Nino Negri’s “Quadrio” bottles in March 2021 nationwide. The suggested retail price for Santi Ventale is $16. The suggested retail price for Nino Negri Quadrio is $20.

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